By on February 23, 2009

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6 Comments on “Live Blogcast at 6pm: Ken Elias’ Bailout Watch: What Happens Next?...”

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    GM is facing reality. We all knew it was coming (thanks TTAC). I wonder what spin Wagoner will spew now?

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    If all this is true, then GM should become a penny stock at opening tomorrow.

    Detroit has become like Tim Burton’s Halloween Town.

    “Everyone’s waiting for the next surprise…”

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    Richard Chen

    @beller: I believe Ken Elias is an partner with with Maryann Keller & Associates, an automotive consulting firm; pls correct me if I’m mistaken

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    John Horner

    GM’s reorganized successor company should simply be named Chevrolet. It can hold onto the Cadillac brand for its upscale offerings. This works for Toyota, Nissan and to some degree for Honda. Honda’s problems with Acura aren’t that it is owned by Honda, but that the mother company doesn’t really have a clear and compelling strategy for Acura.

    How long have I been saying “Chevrolet and Cadillac – everything else is noise”?

    Also, without a new top management team there is zero chance of salvaging even a smaller Chevrolet out of the GM quagmire.

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    Robert Schwartz

    @Ken Elias: “Everything needs to be looked at on a cash generating, profit making basis. Parts that don’t contribute go away.”

    Yes, but in business that is always true. Unfortunately, this will come as news in Detroit.

    @John Horner: “Also, without a new top management team there is zero chance of salvaging even a smaller Chevrolet out of the GM quagmire.”

    This too is true. Any of you who have not read Rob Kleinbaum’s four parter: “Retooling GM’s Culture”, need to go do so right away.

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    Re: where are the vultures?
    They already “own” Chrysler.

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