By on February 19, 2009

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One Comment on “American Leyland Birth Watch 2: Live Blogging with the B&B...”

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    Here’s a dystopian formula for figuring out the product lineup of American Leyland: Combine GM and Chrysler. In each segment where their respective products overlap, select the least-competitive vehicle to continue. Eliminate the most-competitive vehicle. Delete all performance variants and special editions. Rebadge the resulting vehicle into all the other divisions.

    E.g., in the full-size sedan segment, the contenders are the Impala, Lucerne, 300, and Charger. The Impala is the weak link, therefore, it lives, but the SS version is gone. The others are discontinued. Buick, Dodge, and Chrysler get rebadged Impalas.

    Do you see what happens when government tries to stand in place of private enterprise?

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