By on January 31, 2009

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28 Comments on “Superbowl Narishkeit: This is Not Your Father’s Hyundai...”

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    The best thing about this video are the fast cuts, so that you never really see just how ugly this car is.

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    Yeah it reminds of the SSanyong Rodius commercial, you barely see it at all.

    It is a nice commercial, however. I can’t say it doesn’t look desirable.

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    A longer video about the driver and making the ad:

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    Robert Schwartz

    Robert F:

    I have previously commented on the correct spelling of the second word in your title.

    I also noted at that time, that it is spelled in English language dictionaries.

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    I love this car. The longer “making of” video shows just how consistently he was driving those lines to get the shots…big thumbs up for car and driver. It does look a bit ricey…but then so does the Z and the RX-8. I’d definitely choose this over a mustang.

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    OMG Thats the first one I’ve seen.Ugly is too kind of a word, hideous would be more appropriate.

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    a boring video/commercial – the screaming squirrel was better

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    I was intrigued by this this car until I sat in it at the Detroit auto show. I was expecting an interior along the lines of the Tiburon. It felt much cheaper, almost like a Cobalt on the inside. I will pass final judgment when I drive it, but I was let down a bit. It should have a little more Genisis sedan on the inside. I’m curious to see the interior of the V6 Camaro. I’m assuming it’s a bit worse than the SS, because they only let you sit in that, and had the V6 high enough that you could not see the inside.

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    I like the song. Hopefully this means a new Smashing Pumpkins CD is on the way soon.
    Oh yes….what was this clip about again?

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    Looks OK to me. Looks fun to drive. I wonder how it is in the snow?

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    I hope they didn’t pay $3 million for that.


    I would like to drive this car, along with the new Camaro.

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    I wonder what form the inevitable performance upgrade version will take? Will they go for forced induction or the V8?

    Looks OK to me. Looks fun to drive. I wonder how it is in the snow?

    Get a set of winter tires and wheels and it will be fine.

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    This car could be a big hit. It’s hitting a hole in the US market that has been open for too long: affordable, lightweight, RWD coupe. The Miata and Solstice/Sky are roadsters, the Mustang is a muscle car, the 370Z is at 30k, and the RX-8 is a hunchback. If this car is well done, it will dominate a market ignored by other automakers.

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    i dont think it should be called Genesis at all.

    it’s too different to the sedan and chasing a different market

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    Lightweight? Specs from their press release:
    Base curb weight: 3549 lbs. (V6); 3439 lbs. (4-cylinder)

    I’d forgive it for that if it wasn’t so damn ugly.

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    T’aint nothing wrong with the styling on that. Where they’ve come from the first Tiburon (what, a decade ago?)

    It’s generically asian, and that’s a compliment. Tell people it’s a Celica and they’ll believe you.

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    So, it slides all over the road? Welcome to Seoul Drift! What happens if you try to go fast and stay pointed in the correct direction?

    rf: transliteration from Yiddish can be tricky for the uninitiated …

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    It’s generically asian, and that’s a compliment.

    It’s all in the eye of the beholder I guess…to me, Asian design is just horrible when it comes to cars…they all look like gummy bears that have been sucked on for hours.

    To me, the only Asian cars that actually look good are Mazdas…maybe Honda to a degree…Hyundai on the other hand is one of the worst. Especially their coupes are horrible. Their sedans have actually come a long way and especially the Genesis is not that bad, but mostly because it doesn’t look Asian.

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    Robert Schwartz,

    Yes, that’s an idiosyncratic transliteration.

    Though the original Hebrew is m’shuga, crazy, with a long U, in general I think it’s pronounced more often as mishegaas. I’d spell it m’shega’as, but then I’m pretty idiosyncratic myself.

    I think a reflection of how welcome a place the United States has been for Jews is the large number of Yiddish words that have made it into American English. Mensch, maven, ferklempt, shlemiel, schmooze, kibitz, schmuck, putz, kosher, etc.

    Schmuck and putz are interesting because you can get away with saying them where the English equivalents are considered vulgar.

    Note to RF: an alternative to mishegaas might be narishkeit. A nar is a fool. So narishkeit is foolishness. A little more pejorative. I’m no Yiddish scholar, but the feel of mishegaas is more like a Chinese fire drill, a dog and pony show. Narishkeit might describe what goes on in car company executive suites.

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    Loser : I like the song. Hopefully this means a new Smashing Pumpkins CD is on the way soon.
    Oh yes….what was this clip about again?

    I noticed on the coupes web site that the tune was going to be available for download as of the 1st.

    By the way, the site crashed. I suspect it’s getting a lot of attention – although it could have been some sort of maintenance thing. There is also a feature that lets you put together your own version of the ad.

    The web site is listing the weight at 3,389 for the 3.8 V6 and 3,294 for the 2.0T 4. There is also a 3.8 Track version that looks interesting.

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    The styling is fine. The rear-quarter window design is different but the dark tinted windows on obnoxious yellow make it odd and obvious. In a different color with standard tint, it will be an interesting design piece.

    In typical Hyundai fashion, some of the styling bits seem knock-off but not objectionably so.

    Besides, they’ve admitted their goal right in the (longer version) video, it’s not to be king of the hill, it’s to change people’s perception of Hyundai. They’re currently doing it with the Genesis sedan and I believe they’ll continue to do it with this coupe. These days people are itching for a bargain.

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    Spare me. That thing is hideous. And oh yeah. Its a Hyundai!

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    The body may be generic, but the face is very distinctive. It looks like a Japanese Noh mask. That is, very ugly and demonic-looking.

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    I’ve seen production versions of this car on the roads around Irvine, California. The ones I’ve seen are in silver and I think the car looks great. Very wide stance, nice rear 3/4.

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    I don’t think it’s particularly ugly. But 3500 lbs for a sports car???!

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    Scorched Earth

    Ugly???? I think it looks great! But yeah it’s quite heavy

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    It’s all in the eye of the beholder I guess…to me, Asian design is just horrible when it comes to cars…they all look like gummy bears that have been sucked on for hours.

    Yes, that’s true. By comparison, German cars look imperious and American ones either phallic and/or re-treads of the 1970s. Design is culturally idiosyncratic.

    I like this, but I also like Asian sports cars, in general. I can’t fit in many of them, but c’est la vie.

    I don’t think it’s particularly ugly. But 3500 lbs for a sports car???!

    Think about it in context. To whit:

    The sedan than shares the same platform—you know, the one about the size of a 7-Series—it’s not too bad, given how much the 6-Series, CLK or A5 weigh in at.

    It’s also not too far off the more expensive G37, and has bigger seats. It’s about the mass of the Mustang, and thusly much less than Challenger or Camaro. It’s also less than the front-drive Eclipse (which is this car’s most direct competitor, and looks really lame right now), and not a lot more than the RX-8, despite a huge power advantage.

    Hyundai’s done good work, here. I have only two real concerns: one, the Tiburon no longer belongs in Hyundai’s lineup (it should be a Kia), and two, it’s launching into a bad market. Not offering the V8 is a little odd, but the target buyers probably aren’t going to be too worried; fans of Asian sports cars don’t have the cylinder-count hangups.

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    John R

    +1 psarhjinian.

    What’s with all the hate? This looks good and looks like it goes good (A Millen behind the wheel there). I’m willing to bet that if the turbo 4 is at least a quick as a GTI or an Si the kids will take a long hard look at this one.

    Also it looks like its price appropriately, both the new Z and G37 are north of 30k. If the turbo 4 comes in at roughly $25k, the car will be a hit. How much of a hit given the market we’ll see, but you all will be seeing these on the road.

    Hyundai may have positioned this one against the Mustang/Camaro (why??), but Nissan has the most to worry here. This rig has the potential to be more Datsun Z than the current Z

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