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“Anyway, about the new limo. The information that is floating around on this new limo, especially from the diagram that has appeared on a number of sites such as TTAC, Autoblog and GMI has a good deal of information that is incorrect. I can’t tell you any real specifications, but since a new thread appeared on TTAC, you could pass to them that much with the diagram and article is incorrect. I can tell you a few things that you could pass on that would be OK…
“The ‘chauffeur’ who drives the President or Vice President is a Secret Service Special Agent. In order to drive the President or Vice President, you have to be assigned to those respective details (typically a 4-5 year assignment and who are in the second phase of their career).
“Secondly, those agents have to attend and pass an advanced protective operations driving course that the Secret Service teaches and NOT the CIA. As you well know, from speaking to me in the past, some of those agents do attend other driving schools, typically from other Law Enforcement entities.
“The engine information is incorrect, as well as the cost. I can’t go into anything further but on both accounts it is off by a great margin (Did this guy just guess?). The performance is excellent.
“And by the way, the Limo is not stopping to pay for a toll.”
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24 Comments on “Secret Service Agent Responds to Presidential Limo Info (Really)...”

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    What was wrong with the old limo that made it necessary to get a new one?

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    @ 50merc
    It was George W Bush’s, is the short answer…
    It is customary for a president to pick out a new limo when he is elected. Clinton had a 93 Fleetwood Brougham.
    Bush’s got a new one when he was elected for his second term as well. The 2006 DTS’s design was actually introduced with Bush’s new limo used in his Jan 2005 ceremony. (look at the second paragraph)
    I am sure Bush’s ’06 DTS will hang around the White House garage for guests and other duties.
    It is interesting that they built a custom car (not resembling a particular model) for the president. That has has not been done in modern times, if at all to my knowledge.

    At the bottom of the link on wikipedia about the DTS, they mention Obama’s Limo. It said that it is based on the Topkick large truck platform!

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    I guess I don’t understand why basic information about the engine, and the cost to build it need to be shrouded in such secrecy. I’m not asking for detailed schematics here.

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    50 merc,
    Because there’s a taxpayer born every minute.

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    Point Given

    ajla – a very bad man knowing engine size could help them get a close estimate on speed/acceleration which could be helpful in a destructive way.

    I’m all for secrecy regarding this machine.

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    Why did they chase the English King out of the USA?

    Was it to have American Kings?

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    So is it an Autobot or a Decepticon?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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    What was wrong with the old limo that made it necessary to get a new one?

    What a pity GWB’s presidency suffered such a dearth of juicy personal scandal. If you’d asked this question in 2000, the answers would have been so much more amusing.

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    How is an Autobot like an Obamabot? Enquiring minds want to know! LOL.

    Aren’t Decepticons what all known politicians do?

    Deceive + con?

    Welcome to Bizarroland, wherein a supposedly conservative Prez hands out $700 billion (PLUS, plus, plus, always more coming…) to banksters and frauds – instead of jailing them. Then someone winning the next election because he claims he’ll “change” everything – virtually re-invents the prior Clinton administration, has already got multiple scandles which even his Obomabot media can’t ignore, and may not even be eligible for the Presidency since nobody outside of “official” circles has seen his real birth certificate.

    I smell rotton fish. And I’m not in denmark.

    I want my country back. Along with about 100 to 150 million others of us.

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    John R


    Seeing as how Obama is a more unconventional public servant the extra security measure may be warranted. After all, some attendees of McCain/Palin rallies did bring Curious George paraphernalia.

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    meno, you can have your country back, just throw away pesky things like election and democracy.

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    70 Chevelle SS454

    It takes a lot of training to drive defensively against terrorist attacks. It doesn’t help that it had to be a stretch Escalade.

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    Why do they call it the “Secret Service?” Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    Anyway, the agent likely understands he or she is not the proper information channel for this information and decided on the wise career choice of keeping to a short list of comments.

    Determining the capabilities of this vehicle is actually quite simple in the right hands. With nothing more than true perpendicular front and side photos, moderate vehicle knowledge, and relevant engineering skills, it is possible to calculate the 0-50-0 and 0-100-0 times, top speed, and turning radius within surprisingly narrow ranges. Any custom chassis supplier can run the numbers.

    There is a question on the Professional Engineer (PE) exam that if calculated correctly, demonstrates the skills to do the calculations.

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    This is the real reason for the bailout: Without Federal funds for GM, the limo would have to be rebranded as a Toyota or Mercedes!

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    Robert Schwartz

    “And by the way, the Limo is not stopping to pay for a toll.”

    Advice Sonny Corleone should have taken.

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    Robert Schwartz: “And by the way, the Limo is not stopping to pay for a toll.”

    Advice Sonny Corleone should have taken.

    Quote Of The Day.

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    I can’t see an assassination attempt being thwarted by better acceleration than what was published, or even any aspect of the limo itself. If truly sinister powers want to off someone, I don’t think a half-assed James Bond car, however fast it accelerates, is going to stop them.

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    On Inauguration Day, Barack Obama, this was just announced, is going to be riding in a brand new presidential limousine made by General Motors. Because, folks, nothing says hope for the future like General Motors.

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    People are still clinging to the “Obama doesn’t have a U.S. birth-certificate” thing huh?

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    Robert Schwartz: “And by the way, the Limo is not stopping to pay for a toll.”

    Advice Sonny Corleone should have taken.

    Quote Of The Day.

    In Delware, that’s a felony.

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    50merc :
    What was wrong with the old limo that made it necessary to get a new one?

    One break down too many maybe?

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    Jonny Lieberman

    Like I said…

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    President Bush has had two different limos: the first one was a 2001 DeVille, and then the DTS in 2005.

    How do we know that each president chooses his own limousine? I don’t see how President-elect Obama had anything to do with choosing this new one, as he is not even the President yet.

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    jerry weber

    I don’t know details, but one thing you can assume is that the new limo is a lot heavier and more armor plated than it’s predecessors. This car is so heavy, it is not a car but a truck framed vehicle to handle the weight. Obviously, they don’t want to tell us that it can take a 50 pound centex charge only to have someone make a 60 pound bomb. The car is probably for more than just transportation, it would be a mobile fort if it got surrounded and the Pres had to wait for reinforcements. It also has to be a communications center that cannot be breached from nearby. This is a long way from when lincoln, chrysler or caddy just took a stock limo off the shelf and sold it to the secret service.

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