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In today’s podcast, Jonny and I talked — among other things — about the Toyota Century (mistakenly referred to as the Toyota Crown at first). We both think the V12 Japanese retrolimo is fantastic, and that its old-school technology (curtains?!) are charming as all get out. I agree with him that overflowing technology doesn’t make a car luxurious, and if someone would make a very comfortable, isolating quiet car I’d be thrilled. In other news, we hit on the Kia Soul, had debates about the insane 16-cylinder Cizeta-Moroder V16T on Autofiends, another debate about the Avanti, and then he presented a book report about a fascinating-sounding book called “Brightwork,” which Jonny received for the Jewish festival of lights, Hannukah.

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10 Comments on “Intermittent Podcast: Lieberman and Berkowitz Talk Crazy...”

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    How can anyone not like the Countach? Well, at least the outside of it…

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    Jonny Lieberman

    Justin is sick in the head or blind. We just established that. Er, HE just established that.

    Don’t believe me?

    Image search for “Cizeta”

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    Oh that Cizeta is bad. An in, I half expected Fiero running gear underneath.

    RF: when is TTAC going to start offering eyecare coverage to employees?

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    I would love to own a Century.

    Scratch that, I’d love to have the kind of lifestyle that would warrant owning a Century. Of course, I’m not a ranking member of the Japanese royal family, nor the hard-working senior executive in a moderately large keiretsu, this isn’t going to happen.

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    You could get a used one. Of course, that won’t be cheap either.

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    Re: Century,

    I have the next best thing – the Nissan President. Okay, so you know it as the Infiniti Q45, but it’s virtually identical to the homemarket car. And it’s quite fun for a big thirsty luxo barge. It’s the S-Class to the Century’s Maybach. If you are limited to 276hp (supposedly, odds are the real power rating is higher), a V8 is just as good as a V12, and a fair bit lighter on the nose.

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    The Cizeta-Moroder looks like something a precocious 16-year-old boy would’ve drawn in study hall. The basic shape isn’t any sillier than other contemporary exotics (not saying much, admittedly), but the detailing keeps hurting me. The silly strakes are not as bad as the ridiculous pop-up quad headlights. It could’ve been a prop from Demolition Man.

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    Is it just me or does the Cizeta look like someone got really drunk on a bottle of Georgi and decided to get “creative” with some of the spare parts laying around from the Diablo kit car half finished in the garage?

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    Every time I see wing mirrors THAT far forward I always laugh. Is it just me?

    This could be wrong, but someone like Chris Bangle said in response to a fairly aggressive question; at least we don’t have to screw up the wing mirrors like the Japanese!

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    I really enjoyed this podcast, especially with the “redefinition of luxury” section! Yes, Toyota Century (and don’t forget the Mitsubishi Debonair) rules! I think you guys are on to something here. I am reaaaally sick of the Teutonic definition of luxury as being the ONLY definition of luxury in the states.

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