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Halt! Nothing goes there. Toyota will suspend production in Japan on Dec. 24 and 25. This sounds normal to you? Mind you: They don’t believe in Rudolph in Japan. Toyota will partially halt output of Lexus luxury cars at its Tahara plant in Aichi Prefecture and suspend all production at subsidiary Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc. “It is rare for Toyota to stop all production at a factory,” says an astounded Nikkei (sub.)

Honda submerges emerging market plans: Honda froze a project to raise capacity in Turkey and postponed the launch of its second Indian plant by at least a year, says The Nikkei (sub.) With raised eyebrows, the Nikkei notes that the “cutbacks are now spreading to emerging markets, which are seen as key battlefields for growth.”

European CO2 compromise: The EU member states agreed on a big CO2 compromise for cars, Das Autohaus reports. There will be limits. But not so fast and not so strict. Like in 2012,  only 65 percent of new cars should produce less than 120g/100km of the climate-killer. In 2014 it will be 80 percent. 100 percent in 2015. This is a big walk-back from original plans, and the greens are up in arms. The ruling still needs a formal approval.

Volvo officially for sale: According to Das Autohaus, “Ford considers selling Volvo. Ford confirmed speculations.”  Ford has already begun making “Volvo more independent.” Make that: Prettied up for a fast sale.

China won’t quite make 10 million: According to Gasgoo, Chinese auto makers will sell 9.6m units this year. Their target was to hit the 10 million mark in 2008 – missed it! All things (and specially other parts of the world) considered, 9.6m units is still a nice growth from 8.4m the year before.

FAW Mazda adds capacity: Confirming their conviction that growth will go on, FAW Mazda  builds a new plant in China. Says so in Gasgoo. The plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2010 and will boost the carmaker’s production capacity to 120,000 units.

This is no joke: For all of this week, WAS will either be late, or non-existent. I’m in Germany on business and will post as time allows.

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