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1. Honda Civic /Honda Accord
2. Honda Accord/Honda Civic
3. Toyota Camry/Toyota Camry
4. Toyota Corolla/Ford Mustang
5. Nissan Altima/Nissan Altima
6. Honda CR-V/ Chevrolet Tahoe
7. Toyota Prius/Ford F-150
8. Toyota Highlander/Toyota Corolla
9. Toyota RAV4/Toyota Tacoma
10. Mazda3/Nissan Maxima
11. Toyota Yaris
12. Ford Escape
13. Honda Odyssey
14. Honda Pilot
15. Honda Fit
16. Ford Mustang
17. Chevrolet Malibu
18. Toyota Sienna
19. MINI Cooper
20. Volkswagen Jetta

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16 Comments on “KBB/Carmax Announce Most Researched Vehicles Of 2008...”

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    The Malibu is 17, uh (after the Accord, Camry and Altima)?

    Made by GM: Surprised?

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    Let’s clean up the list a little. Ouch, that looks pretty bad.

    1. Japanese
    2. Japanese
    3. Japanese
    4. Japanese
    5. Japanese
    6. Japanese
    7. Japanese
    8. Japanese
    9. Japanese
    10. Japanese
    11. Japanese
    12. American
    13. Japanese
    14. Japanese
    15. Japanese
    16. American
    17. American
    18. Japanese
    19. British
    20. German

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    I think it’s interesting that 3 words are the underlined floating “Vibrant” ads, Ford, Chevrolet, and Altima. However when i hover over the word Altima I get a Malibu ad.

    Very interesting list.

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    I almost dozed off reading that list. However it just goes to show that if you are going to sell much of anything you’d better err on the side of ‘economy’ and ‘practical’.

    The only outlier (arguably) is the Mustang.

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    John R

    If you want to be technical MINI is also German…

    Anyway, did anyone else hear a little “waa-waaa” noise when a GM vehicle eventually showed up?

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    The MINI is as British as a pair of lederhosen.

    At least the best GM model made the list.

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    I would’ve thought the Sebring would be on that list.

    Oh wait, that’s a different list.

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    Domestic sales aren’t actually as bad as this list suggests… but maybe they’re all by people who don’t do their research?

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    An interesting journalistic exercise, and one I’m surprised that TTAC did not perform as the next logical step is to mirror that list with the top 20 selling cars of 2008.


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    chuckgoolsbee :

    We can’t offer up the top 20 selling cars of 2008 just yet. But here’s something VERY interesting: the top 10 selling cars of 2007.

    I repeat, 2007

    1. Ford F-Series (690,589)
    2. Chevrolet Silverado (473,257)
    3. Toyota Camry (473,108)
    4. Honda Accord (392,231)
    5. Toyota Corolla (371,390)
    6. Dodge Ram (358,295)
    7. Honda Civic (331,295)
    8. Chevrolet Impala (311,128)
    9. Nissan Altima (284,762)
    10. Honda CR-V (219,160)

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    Well, I did my best to influence the results by searching for

    “topless woman lambo murcielago lp640″

    twice a day from Easter to Christmas.

    There’s a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy here: the kinds of cars most “researched” by people, particularly at sites involved with KBB or Carmax, are going to be vanilla people transporters with annoying, price-bitchy dealers.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but today’s Honda Accord customer isn’t the descendant of the person who bought a ’77 Accord in the face of conventionality and neighborhood respect; he’s the son of the guy who bought a ’77 Granada because everybody else had one.

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    It will be very interesting to see what the top sellers list looks like from the year when we finally found out at what point US demand for gasoline becomes elastic.

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    Good call. The p/u truck buyers don’t look to Kelley’s for information. Impala is a fleet queen. For the prediction of average consumer behaviour, this does the job.

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    Hey, guys, ever heard of an HTML table? :-)

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    Just looks to me like domestic buyers don’t do much research. Just like I’ve always suspected.

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    I can agree with you on that one. But will the Japanese get complacent?

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