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This one is dumber than a box of hair. While my countless hours spent trolling have come up with some really crappy, world class pieces of junk, this is crazy on a new level. The Hyundai Excel was one of the worst cars sold in America in the last 30 years. It’s so bad, in fact, that we used to say it Excelled only at breaking down. So when I saw this one on eBay with 195,000 miles, I was positively shocked. I never thought an Excel could survive for so long. But then the part that really floored me: the seller – a Chevy dealership – is asking $2799 for it. I think the Kelly Blue Book value of $1500 is about $1250 too high, so this dealership is riding off into the sunset of delusional country.

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29 Comments on “Joke of the Day: Hyundai Excel on eBay Motors...”

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    Michael Ayoub

    Pfft. Everyone knows the Hyundai Excel is the best car ever made.

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    She’s fully loaded:
    # Console
    # Cargo Lamp
    # Child Safety Locks
    # Console/Storage
    # Manual Remote Mirror(s)
    # Wheel Covers
    # Rear Window Defroster
    # Bucket Seating
    # Intermittent Wipers

    Console! (listed twice) Cargo lamp (WooHoo!) Manual Remote Mirrors (oxyMORON!)

    I dare someone to make an offer of $1.

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    Laugh if you will, but have you tried to find a Yugo lately? No, of course you haven’t. But if you had, you’d learn Yugo’s are scarcer than honest politicians. Everything becomes a collectible eventually. Even junque.

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    I will take a Nissan Neither over a Hyundai Other any day.

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    The price is ridiculous but to be fair a 1993 Excel is a lot better than a 1986 one. A 1993 would have fuel injection at least

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    A positive thing I can think of saying for a ’93 Sonata at this price: It has dual airbags….that’s it.

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    Factotum: Manual remote is not an oxymoron. They are manual, and most likely use a small “joystick” on the sail panel to control the mirror…as opposed to pushing or pulling on the mirror glass.

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    I bet it would have sold quickly back when gas was $3.50 to some numbnuts with a leased SUV.

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    Steven Lang

    I actually had a 1988 Hyundai Excel with 47k original miles sell for $1150 at one of my sales a few months ago.

    The vehicle was absolutely immaculate…. gold color…. everything worked. It had all the options including a sunroof (really), cruise (I think), and ABS (jk!).

    Seriously, it was one of the more eccentric vehicles I saw in my travels. 20 years, one owner, no accidents, garage kept.

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    Americans never got to experience the joy of the Hyundai Pony/Stellar… They’ve made far worse vehicles than the Excel.

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    I see cars priced ridiculously all the time… normally at buy here, pay here lots. $7995 for that clean 2001 Cavalier with 90,000 miles. At least the down payment gives you a good idea of what they actually have in the car.

    A friend of mine had one of the last year of this car, with the updated Hyundai badge, so 93 or 94. He had good service out of it, but not once was able to have it aligned correctly, resulting in chopped/cupped/quick wearing tires. Oh, and the factory radio opening wasn’t even close to square. WTH on that.

    He currently has a ’99 Elantra with 200,000 miles. It was trouble free until about 150,000. Each repair I help him with is equal to or greater than the car itself. A repair shop wouldn’t have helped him do the head gasket for a 12 pack of domestic, or rip a abs control module out of a wrecked Elantra at the junkyard on the coldest day of the year last winter.

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    Michael Ayoub


    Funny you should mention that. I was looking around for a Yugo not too long ago. I couldn’t find one.

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    The Pony is now a cult vehicle in Korea.

    The Stellar was the worst kind of abysmal, a neighbour made a point of canvassing my area to spread the word. It’s the only time anyone has gone door to door to warn of a brutal product that I am aware of.

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    Would you believe I paid 2900$ for a Q45 in good shape? That’s Canadian dollars, too. When I see junk like this for similar prices, I feel so much better about my bargain.

    Anyone who would pay anything for this thing, and expect to use it as a daily driver and not a demolition derby car, would be quite mad.

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    Justin Berkowitz


    I figure I’d be willing to spring for $100 on it. Except that then I’d have to pay to insure it, and that’s a few hundred a year for even minimum coverage.

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    What year was the Q45?

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    Ah yes, the Hyundai Excel of the 90’s is what the entire line of Chrysler products is today.

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    I saw a Yugo on my way up the 5 to visit my folks in Or. It was around Stockton and it was running. Not by the side of the road.

    My brother bought one new. I saw one at the French and Italian car show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys a couple of years back and had to call him in New York when I saw it. Who would have thought.

    He wound up replacing the engine at 49,000 miles [IIRC] when it blew. He’d bought the extended warranty and the dealer tried to deny his claim but he had every receipt for every service every time it was required. Eccentric indeed. They finally had to give in.

    The ex wife got it in the divorce settlement. By that time it had been wrecked and repaired though the frame was tweaked and could never be aligned correctly.

    Only my brother could come out the other side a winner like that.

    I guess it made up for starting off on his first honey moon in a Pontiac Astre….

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    There’s a place in LA that lets you “rent-t-own” crappy old cars for a $900 “deposit” and 10 dollars a day. I should ask this seller if he offers Rent-t-Own

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    Another joke is eBay motors. It’s polluted with vehicles that people have no intention of selling. Ridiculous starting bids or unrealistic reserve amounts mean many a seller just likes seeing his vehicle online and he gets a little seeing a few people make loser bids. Check the completed listings; for any vehicle remotely close to interesting extremely few are ever sold on eBay.

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    50merc: “Laugh if you will, but have you tried to find a Yugo lately? No, of course you haven’t. But if you had, you’d learn Yugo’s are scarcer than honest politicians. Everything becomes a collectible eventually. Even junque.”Indeed, due to the POS build quality, seeing one of these bottom-feeders in excellent shape at a car show can be much more interesting than stuff like the routine big-block Chrysler E-bodies and their ilk. As an example, I once saw a pristine, original, light blue 1972 Vega at a show once. Now, that’s a rare car.

    It’s facsinating to see the depths to which manufacturers would sink in auto construction and design. The lure is not unlike passing a bad car wreck along a highway.

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    Lee, my Q is a 1991. For that price I got a very strong runner, no rust, with brand new suspension and control bits, new timing chains, full service history, and almost everything functional save the aircon. It ain’t perfect (and the steering pump just gave up) but for 2900$ I’m having fun, and it’s never left me stranded.

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    Hyundai might pay that to be able to crush it.

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    These are rare cars but if interested there is a 92 in AutoTrader with 49k miles for $1650. Or is the post reason to support Detroit bailout?

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    OK now B&B, let’s analyze this…


    Chevy Dealer

    East Coast

    This is how he’s planning on paying the employees this week. Sad part is, some sales(fill in the blank according to your personal level of hatred) will try to do this deal. With a straight face. And no guilt.

    Do they still wonder why people hate them? Really?

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    Does it come with $2,500 in the trunk?

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    Hey, its Asian. It has got to be a great car.

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    law stud

    The dealer wants to make up for some big losses on their Chevy Franchise. If they actually sold some cars they might be able to sell these high margin POSs faster.

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    These guys seem determined to put someone in this low mileage Excel TODAY! There’s one picture that was taken from about 500 feet away, and the list date is August 2 while the end date is December 30th. What is this, a job posting? Doesn’t seem like an auction to me.

    Even though this Chevy dealer doesn’t know how Ebay works, this car is still a better deal than a 2009 Aveo. The lucky buyer will probably get more life and better fuel economy out of the Excel.

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