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Apparently the Rasheen is a JDM car based on the Nissan Sentra. Those three letters are good enough for me, especially when we’re not talking about some crazy Integra but a weird Japanese car. This one is cube-shaped, RHD, has plaid seats, and a general air of goofiness. The owner says he has a Florida title, which only means he is the legal owner of a car that’s illegally in the United States. But is $6000 so much to pay for the privilege of having the only Nissan Rasheen in the country?

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10 Comments on “Black Market Holiday Treat: Nissan Rasheen For Sale in Florida...”

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    I like…

    Seems to be very much like another JDM favourite of mine, the Toyota Probox:

    What attracts me is the no frills utilitarian look of these vehicles. Add to those the Romanian Dacia Logan, and you get the picture. Perhaps they reminds me of my mothers very spartan Renault 4 she had in the 70′s. A box with four doors and four wheels. What more do you need? Really?

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    I detect a touch of Nissan Frontier in the rear. But the dash is straight from a mid-90s Sentra. Although to my knowledge the Sentra didn’t come with fake wood trim.

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    I want to know how the owner was able to title the thing in Florida.

    Now if this has the same engine as the USDM Sentra is the only legal hurdle is that it has not been crash tested in the US.

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    $6000.? Well it is unique…We live in British Columbia where it is legal to import weird drivers, as long as the vehicle is 15 years old. Japanese 4X4 minivans, small diesel pickups, 600cc mini-trucks, BJ70 Landcruisers all with RHD are imported. I understand it costs approx. $3 – 4K for importation and freight, but many have been imported. The higher value of the yen may slow things, however.

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    Not sure how this thing got in, but they still do.

    As a 1997, it doesn’t fall under the 25 year-old exemption.

    Perhaps he assembled it from parts and it just slipped through the titling process (happens).

    You can get all non-US engines, transmissions, and electronics into the US without any problems. What you do with them after that…

    “They went in my racecar, yeah, that’s the ticket…”

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    Horrible wheels.

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    Justin Berkowitz


    What attracts me is the no frills utilitarian look of these vehicles. Add to those the Romanian Dacia Logan, and you get the picture.

    I totally agree. It’s also why I like the Jeep Wrangler.

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    Get the correct wheels and this would be an awesome daily driver.

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    Why did the name Pontiac Probocis jump into my mind?

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    jeremy cohn

    it kinda looks like what would happen if a you made a Ford Explorer kit car.

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