By on November 21, 2008

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29 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?...”

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    That’s horrible. Is that… a Mercury Cougar underneath???

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    TTAC is slowing down again…sorry about the duplicate post.

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    Audi Rice!

    Remember you get an extra 5 hp for each performance sticker you put on the car.

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    Is that a Cougar? There is one Ford/Mercury I never would have thought of as the basis for a replica.

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    John R

    Yes it is a Cougar. Its one of the best conversions I’ve seen. I’m just glad they didn’t use a Fiero this time.

    That doesn’t mean they should have done it, though.

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    Lol, RedStapler!

    Why does the rear side windows appear to be plated over, and come all the way down behind the B-pillar?

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    The link provided just takes you to the photo gallery, but if you go to the Topspeed main site there is a short article which identifies it as a Ford Probe.

    That’s really unfortunate.

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    It’s not a Probe (at least not an American Probe, but I believe that the Cougar was Ford’s replacement for the Probe in Europe)…unless the Cougar was based off the Probe, I thought it was on the Contour chassis. The Cougar was a pretty decent coupe, I remember a friend (female, of course) having a V6-5MT combo…drove nicely but my 92 Integra GS-R handled a little bit better.

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    Stu Sidoti

    For the same price as this kit, you could easily pick up a Ferrari 308/328 or maybe even a 348/355…I’d rather have a real exotic albeit an old one than to poser-around in a Cougar R8…

    I might highly suggest that they remove the R8 badge from the steering wheel airbag door.

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    The Cougar replaced the Mazda-designed Probe, but was not on the (much smaller) Contour chassis.

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    Chinese knock off? Looks like Gucci shoes made in China.

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    Richard Chen

    Spanish knockoff. 50K for the fiberglass skin?

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    I just threw up .


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    That’s a Mondeo based Cougar interior. I believe the car was sold in Europe also as the Cougar and not rebadged as a Probe.

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    Not a Probe. The Probe was built on Mazda’s MX-6/626 chassis. The Probe was replaced by the Mercury Cougar which was built on the Ford Contour/Mondeo chassis. Both the Probe and last gen Cougar were fairly decent cars, although underpowered.

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    Yup, those plates are from Spain: Look at the small “E” at the bottom of the blue square.

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    Speaking of the MX-6, what happened to it? I used to see them all the time, but I don’t think I’ve seen one in years. And they’re not that old either. It’s like one day they all just disappeared

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    The compact FWD coupe was a staple of the 90s.

    Now you’re limited to what? A Mini Cooper or a Scion tC? The Hyundai Tiberon maybe.

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    That is without a doubt a 1999-2002 Mercury/Ford Cougar. Having driven one for 7 years it’s unmistakable. The roof line, the way the back seats sit so close to the glass hatch that if you are over 5’6, your head will rest against it, the mirrors, the shape of the side window, and the placement of the door handle (exactly where it is on a cougar) all give away that the origin of this car was a cougar.

    Also the bulges around the front wheel and the continuation of the bulge along the fender flare is a common aftermarket body kit for the Cougar. (That body kit was actually molded after the design of the Cougar S, which featured buldges along the wheel wells continuing along the fender flares so that the massively wide tires they put on the concept car did not stick out farther than the body).

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    The guy’s website (it’s in spanish)

    Yes it is a 2001 Cougar underneath

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    thetopdog wrote:

    Speaking of the MX-6, what happened to it? I used to see them all the time, but I don’t think I’ve seen one in years.

    The MX-6 was discontinued after the 1997 model year.

    They were nice cars (I owned a ’96 for a while), but they were not noted for their durability. Especially problematic were the automatic transmissions in the 626/MX-6.

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    I wish Mazda would make their automatics much less reliable so that people would stop being lazy and buy real transmissions.

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    Well, it shows FAR more imagination and style than most of what Ford themselves come up with.

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    @kansei: Why does it matter what people choose? Laziness is usually not a (much less the) reason for choosing an automatic transmission. Get over it.

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    Ah, the MX6. Those were really good looking cars, but as noted, they didn’t seem to live up to standard.

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    Hmm, looks like I have something else to do after the 3L swap to my friend’s 2002 Cougar.

    Just kidding. I think.

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    We put a type-r sticker on our dorm room door back in college. we claimed it made the door open faster.

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    @ Landcrusher

    The MX-6/Probe were missed opportunities. With the exception of the first gen turbo cars(crude) the cars were underpowered.

    The Ford, to their credit, had tight handling, but for some inexplicable reason, Mazda went with a soft suspension set-up.

    The weak point on all these cars were the auto transmissions. The Mazda auto trans in this car was a smaller copy of an existing GM trans. If you’re gonna steal, why not steal form the best instead of GM?

    The transmission lasted only for about 90-100K miles at which point a trans R&R cost more than the book value of the car.

    That’s why you don’t see them anymore.

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    The way I see it, you could paint this thing ALL BLACK, tint the windows, and be a TOTAL POSER !

    Not many people would realize the difference.

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