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Acura made quite a little splash when they announced a diesel version of the TSX was America-bound at this year’s NAIAS. Now, with much less fanfare, reports that “the i-DTEC TSX has been delayed indefinitely (if not cancelled outright).” The unnamed source says that an automatic transmission version hasn’t been able to pass 50-state emissions tests, and that Honda won’t go to market with only a manual on offer. Not that the fact that diesel is almost a dollar more expensive per gallon than gas in most markets is helping either. Nor are the other indications that diesel is dying. To make up for dropping the diesel, Acura will fast-track a V6 version of the TSX. Because all Americans know is torque.

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15 Comments on “TSX Diesel In Development Hell...”

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    Who needs auto? Bring me the stick. My current car is not offered in auto and it sells just fine.

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    This seems a bit dubious – I would think the auto would get better emissions, since the engineers can better play with the engine response. Huzzah for unnamed sources!

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    A V6! Great now the TSX will be front heavy too.

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    Damn all you morons who insist on slushboxes.**

    Damn you Diesel naysayers who keep scaring this nice alternative fuel source away from the market.

    Damn you Honda for succumbing to this fear.

    Damn. Damn. Damn.


    ** and Damn you BMW for only offering the 330D with an auto.

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    As someone who is deeply involved in this subject in trucks, the automatic definitely presents less of an emissions challenge on the USEPA FTP. Mostly for the fact that there is much less throttle modulation and transients in the engine operation.

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    Development Hell??? More like Development Purgatory or Development Limbo…

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    I guess with little reprieve from sheiks it’s back to business as usual.

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    John Horner

    A V-6 TSX would be silly as there already is a fairly small price gap between the TSX and the TL. The turbo-4 out of the RDX would make a more interesting option for what is clearly a niche product.

    The clean diesel revolution seems to have been stopped dead in it’s tracks.

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    The article should read “TSX Diesel In Tuches”.

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    Not that the fact that diesel is almost a dollar more expensive per gallon than gas in most markets is helping either.
    It is? Out here on the Left Coast (SoCal) diesel is about the same as midgrade at most stations, and cheaper than regular if you know where to shop. Seems like the national average is about $0.60 apart, with both falling fast.

    I’d say it’s too early to call this race. We’ll see.

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    $1.00 more per gallon? Weird, I paid $3.159 yesterday for diesel. Gas is about $2.70 around here. Seems more like a 46 cent price difference. The last time I filled up I paid $4.20 per gallon, but that was on Sept. 13. (Note the 6 weeks between fill-ups) It’s too bad Honda likes gas engines so much. I guess I’ll just wait for the A3 TDI on the used market. By then my Jetta will be about halfway through its engine design life, so I’ll sell it and still make good money on it.

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    wouldn’t a V6 TSX just be a last-generation TL?

    that would defeat the entire reason for the TSX to exist.

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    Diesel is much more expensive than RUG down in refinery country (aka Deep South), averaging 20%-25% more on average, and has been that way for several years now.

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    Slight correction to my earlier comment – As of today, RUG is $2.11/gallon locally, diesel is $3.28/gallon, or over 50% more, and this trend is likely to continue because although economic recession has forced passenger car/light truck drivers to cut back on travel, truckers and similar heavy diesel vehicle total miles traveled has remained constant (i.e. Walmart still has to be restocked, etc).

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    89 is 2.08 and diesel is 3.12 so its a little more than a dollar here. Honda/Acura just send the manual over. I am tired of the fact that 8-9/10 cars are automatic in my area. Evo/Sti are doing well with just manuals.

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