By on October 9, 2008

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14 Comments on “Lamborghini Estoque Interior: GRAY?...”

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    Although orange, green or even blue would be more fitting (or yellow/red, but that’s just ugly) for Lamborghini, even in grey the interior looks great…

    Better than what I’ve seen so far from the rapide (=DB9, so nice, but not special) anyway, and judging by what we’ve seen from Porsche till now interiorwise (meh-ok) I would be surprised if the Panamera would blow me away with a fantastically designed interior.

    Speaking of which, since there are so many Panameras driving around I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything of the interior yet…strange…maybe they are doing something special…

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    Wow that’s an ugly gray interior. Looks like it came from the elephant skin plastic Jetta we were tortured with for a week. The white is an iteresting touch, too bad dust and dirt will make the car a uniform gray after a while.

    Geeves polish my Lambo interior.

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    I think Grotesque would be a better name. This car doesn’t really “wow” me like a supercar sedan should (I think). And the rear-end looks like the Camaro designers gave a hand in it.

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    Hey, look: A Chrysler 300 in more angular!

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    Grey is the absolute worst interior color. It makes every material look cheaper. Hard interior plastics can actually look good in black/charcoal, but they look horrible in grey.

    My Toyota MR2 Spyder had mostly hard black plastic and black cloth seats and I really liked the interior. Grey Corolla interiors are just abysmal.

    Every cheap car should have a black interior. More expensive interiors can be beige, tan, brown, red, blue and white. Lamborghini interiors can also be yellow, purple, orange and green. Womens’ Porsches can have pink interiors. No interiors should be grey.

    Even mixed with the white this looks horrible. All white like an ’80s Countach would have been much better, and would have made the CF trim pop.

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    So what? There are, you know, optional colours if gray doesn’t float your boat.

    I think it looks great aside from the battleship colours, nice design that is futuristic without being over-the-top and useless. The high transmission hump echoes the 60s-70s models too. As for the rest of the car, the nose is a bit too pointy, but the butch rear 3/4 stance more than makes up for it.

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    It looks bad in the Chevy Impala, it looks bad here.

    It also shows what an amazing art is press photography. Every single GM car since the last-generation Cavalier has been met with “Oh my, that’s an amazing interior! Toyota and Honda are sunk for sure!”** based on press photos, and only the Malibu really lives up the claim.

    With good lighting and judicious use of Photoshop, anything looks good. With a cameraphone and bad flash, a Maybach looks worse than a Cobalt.

    ** one of the reasons I gave up on Autoblog was the eighteen-page threads about every new GM car’s interior being superlative, and every non-GM car being cheap based on either some spy shots or press photos.

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    Edward Niedermeyer

    This reminds me somewhat of the first time I sat in a Cayenne. I had just got out of a Touareg, and I sat in the Porker thinking “grey plastic? really?”

    I couldn’t believe how much better the VW approach was.

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    They really should have gone darker gray to pop with the white interior. Still, not the ideal color scheme for a Lambo being shown to the world.

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    should have gone the way of the DBS, that suede look, nice stitchwork. Would have been sharp.

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    Just last week we were noting the distinctive gray and white interior of the new Volkswagen Routtan minivan. And Volkswagen owns Lamborghini. What a remarkable coincidence.

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    Looks just like the grey from the 80’s chrysler and GM interiors. Horrid, and even worse is that it got through scores of engineers, designers, and top brass before hitting the showroom.

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    Speaking of which, since there are so many Panameras driving around I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything of the interior yet

    There are interior shots, and pretty good ones. Think 911 with a tall tranmission tunnel, huge air vents and more buttons everywhere.

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    Lamborghini dictates what is cool. I am sure many of you typed your knee jerk responses while wearing your wrinkle-free Dockers (a pinnacle of fine design).

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