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We’re actually planning a few meetups in 2009 for TTAC readers and writers, many of them right here in North America. But with Captain Mike’s upcoming work-related assignment to Germany – a mere one hour from the Nurburgring – we’re going to have a European adventure as well. I’m beginning the search for sponsors (who? uh…). In any case, it should make for a downright thrilling trip, including more than a few frightening rides in the ‘Ring taxi. Separate from driving, I envision copious beer drinking and regional sausages. We’ll be sure to give you plenty of warning ahead of time, should you be planning any business trips to Europe, or be sitting on a pile of frequewnt flyer miles, or actually be an EU resident yourself. I’ll bring the Porsche 911 Turbo, you bring the Nissan GT-R.

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17 Comments on “Daily Podcast: TTAC Meetup in 2009 … At the Nurburgring...”

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    Hey, this sounds cool!

    I am actually living 15 Minutes away from the Ring, so if you need a local guide just let me know!

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    I’d compare being a passenger of a trained driver on a track to a big steep roller coaster, where it’s scary being on the ride, but you know the chances are you’ll make it out alive.

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    So any idea when the “green hell meet up” will take place? Cause I just might be there.

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    Will there be a meet up in Detroit?

    If so, then I can attend. We can all drive there in Fords because by then, they will be the only one of the big three still in business.

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    the duke

    I’m with Runfromcheney, I’m also in SE Michigan. I’ll drive in my Mazda3, which by then won’t be part of the Ford Family of Fine Cars.

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    I was wondering if there’d ever be TTAC meets. Europe is a bit of a stretch for poor folk like me.

    Riding with a Non-professional driver = End up upside down in a Yaris in the san gabriel mountains. Climb out and wait 3 hours for a tow truck.

    Riding with a professional driver = Going sideways on the bank of a track at 70 mph. That was kind of fun.

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    We’ll be at NAIAS (Detroit) in January.

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    So what is the chance of there ever being a track like that for ordinary folks in America??? prob too many lawyers here…

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    I’m looking forward to the TTAC meetup at the ‘Ring. Stay tuned for updates, and I’m already placing calls to see if the “Queen of the Ring” herself, Sabine Schmitt would like to appear, and give us pointers.

    In the meantime, I urge all of the would-be-attendees, please go over the following website in detail:

    Its the best and most comprehensive English site on the web as far as ‘Ring info goes. And everyone needs as much info, guidance, and knowledge as possible when attacking the Green Hell. We don’t want anybody to get hurt in our “fun”!

    And I’m bringing the Aston Martin… or Audi RS4, or something….

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    Und für unsere deutschen Leser (entshculding sie mien Deutsch!):

    Froh lesen Sie unseren englischen Aufstellungsort und freuen sich, nicht nur eine Versammlung zu teilen im Nurburgring, aber das Beginnen, Ihr Land über einen 4-Jahr-Zeitraum zu kennen. Ich werde im Trierbereich für den 20 März vereinbaren. Ich hoffnungsvoll werde vorbei von den Zuständen ein Auto viel fähiger für den Autobahn als mein Jetta TDI holen. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Vorschläge haben, schicken Sie ihnen meine Weise bitte (das in Richtung zu sich lehnen und Audi RS4, 911 Turbo oder Aston Martin DB7). Schauen Sie vorwärts zum Treffen so viel von Ihnen möglich und zu here’ s zu vielen mehr Treffen ups über die EU!

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    I’ll definitely be there. It’s only 100 miles from where I live (Frankfurt). Also, I always wanted to give my aircooled, rear-engined thoroughbred a good spanking on the track.

    What is it? A 66 Beetle of course…

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    If I can fit that into my schedule, I’ll be there.

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    ich bin dabei! (hoffentlich)

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    We talked about driving our Beetles to the ‘ring from Naples, Italy 18 years ago. Good sense prevailed and my buddy and I agreed that there was a good chance we’d have to walk home. We would have likely attacked the track too enthusiastically relative to Beetle abilities and would have broken something.

    Still, I’d love to drive a warmed over Beetle hard around the track. ~100HP. Wouldn’t need 150 mph to get a hair raising ride. In my ’65 Beetle we could get the same effect at 60 mph. VBG!

    Would that make the Beetle safer than a Porsche running 150+ mph? VBG!

    Have fun guys/gals!

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    Just say when… I’m in Germany frequently on business. Need to find some vehicles to play with.

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    the duke

    Robert, will TTAC have a booth at NAIAS, or just be out walkin? I plan to attend.

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    Justin Berkowitz

    @the duke:

    Well I’m not Robert, but I can answer for him.

    No booth, just walking around. And drinks. And dinner. And then probably drinks again.

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