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Better watch out... Barak backers wouldn\'t want everyone to know he used to drive a gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing, sprung-from-the-depths-of-hell SUV>Following his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama became the celebrity he still claims he isn't.  Mobbed wherever he went, Obama's staff urged him to give up driving and jogging for security reasons.  Soon afterwards, sold his beloved 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and got used to being driven around. Black on black leather with 87,000 miles, the Jeep was purchased by Liz Murphy of Naperville, IL.  She was given the original title and told that it might be worth something someday.  Obama's office declined to return her calls asking for his autograph on the dashboard, but she's hoping to cash in on the former Obamamobile after the November presidential election via eBay.  Although its value isn't sinking as we speak, appraisers haven't given much extra value to this ex-celebrity Jeep as he didn't own it while in high office. It might be worth lots someday, 3 to 4 decades from, assuming that Obama wins the presidency and does a good job.  In the meantime, Ms. Murphy's SUV has a worn-down spot on the steering wheel just left of 12 o'clock to remind her of the previous owner's tenacious grip.

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15 Comments on “How Much is Obama’s Former SUV Worth?...”

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    So, it is worth as much as Jon Voights old station wagon?

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    Indeed, photo caption.

    When even a candidate’s choice of vehicle can be scrutinized and impugned, the rapture cannot be far behind. (this is meant facetiously. Or is it?)

    This is a country that asked Bill Clinton if he wore boxers or briefs, but that question wasn’t dripping with sanctimony.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this comment. I suppose it would just be nice for a President to be able to drive to McDonalds and pick up a cheeseburger if he’s pulling an all-nighter. I can’t imagine what losing that freedom (which is disguised as, yes, freedom) would feel like.

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    Hey, President Bill Clinton would often jog to the nearest McDonalds!

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    Sounds like Obama is a Chrysler lover, what does that say about his charater and intelligence. He had to sell his 300C and the Jeep to become president, the sacrifices they have to make. I guess this is good news for the 3 headed dog, they might get some special treatment with our tax dollars because of a soft spot in his heart.

    I don’t know about you guys but if I was president the secret service would just have to follow behind while I drove cause I’m not giving that up for anything. It might be fun playing James Bond trying to loose the secret police behind you. And no your not riding along with me, I carry so I can protect myself from threats 20 feet or less away.

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    This is a somewhat off to the side post, but I found it an interesting read from a Car and Driver several months ago. Wear boots. The P.C. B.S. is knee deep.

    Barack Obama
    Car(s): Dumped his Chrysler 300C for a hybrid Ford Escape
    Notable: First car was a Ford Granada. In his words, “It might be the worst car that Detroit ever built.”

    John McCain
    Car(s): Fearless. Drives a 2006 Cadillac CTS with 3.6L V-6
    Notable: Hanoi Hilton veteran concedes he “did not love” flying Navy jets. He lost four planes in accidents before being shot down over Hanoi.

    Hillary Clinton
    Car(s): Hybrid Ford Escape
    Notable: Mimics significant other, who plays it green with a hybrid Mercury Mariner

    Dennis Kucinich
    Car(s): Ford Focus
    Notable: Kucinich’s first priority was “to get a union-made American car.” When he found out the Focus he was about to buy was made in Mexico, he got his brother’s dealership to find him a US-made car.

    Mitt Romney
    Car(s): Ford Mustang GT convertible, 1962 Rambler American
    Notable: Romney’s car philosophy is Republican: “Get the big engine.”

    Tom Tancredo
    Car(s): Toyota Prius, Cadillac DeVille, Buick Lucerne
    Notable: Describes Prius as a little like driving a tin car, but it goes like a banshee!” Meanwhile, Buick Lucerne has “the greatest bells and whistles you ever saw in your life.” (side note – if he thinks the Buick has the bells and whistles, I’m guessing he’s never driven his Prius!)

    Ron Paul
    Car(s): 1978 Chevy Chevette
    Notable: During fuel crisis, the good doctor parked next to House Speaker Tip O’Neill’s limo and put up a sign: “Guess who has to wait in line for gas?”

    Christopher Dodd
    Car(s): Another hybrid Escape hair shirt
    Notable: Dodd traded in a snorty Ford Mustang for a hybrid Escape. Not a word from buddy Don Imus.

    Fred Thompson
    Car(s): 1994 Chevy Silverado pickup…maybe.
    Notable: Actor and good ol’Republican boy appears at a rally in a pickup, later ditches it behind a building for a luxury ride.

    Sam Brownback
    Car(s): Two hybrids – a Toyota Prius and a Honda Civic Hybrid
    Notable: Overkill. His daughters drive the hybrids, he says. Wife drives a Chrysler minivan.

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    The 300C and Grand Cherokees were Damn good choices when he bought them. A good friend drives one and my son drives the other, with no problems.
    Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

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    Really interesting reading, theflyersfan.

    It seems that the most politically correct car to have is a domestic made hybrid. And that leaves only Ford Escape and the GMT900. I guess the choice is simple, then, in these harsh times. But why did Obama had to sell his 300? What’s wrong with that?

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    wow Ron Paul is still driving that old car? Imagine how much money he would save if being a president. Guess you will always vote just for the one with the loudest vice and mating call. Then blame yourselves, when at 15tn external debt China will say at last `NO` to more credits.I guess it will be in 2012.And those half wits driving Escape even don`t realize that actaully they are subsidizing economy of japan as that car is engineered in japan by a japanese company, and most of the dough goes there.

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    Perhaps McCain’s car would be worth even more but we will never know. That is because HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT KIND OF CAR HE DRIVES. That is what I call sharp mental skills.

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    If Obama wins, he’s going to miss that Hemi on those rare days where he’s able to escape the White House and have some fun driving. Skyline Drive just beyond Warrenton, VA…damn…and it isn’t that far from DC! Get the tourists off of the road, fill up the gas tank, throw on some good performance tires and head towards North Carolina. Man I miss that road!
    To this day, I have yet to read/hear about a hybrid that can “tear up the road.”
    After living in the DC-area for a number of years (before the traffic and cost of living had me screaming “Enough!”), I’ve heard from others about what Presidents do at times to “escape” the White House. With the 300C, one can imagine Obama smirking towards the black Suburban and yelling “Catch Up!!!”

    Actually this is a subject that interests me quite a bit and since I’m on (ahem) forced bed rest following surgery, I have time on my side. I’m curious what is out there with presidents and their cars at the White House. Maybe when my mind doesn’t resemble San Francisco in the morning, I’ll get 800 words to sum it up.

    Carlos – I think he still drives a car with a starting crank in the front but I can’t prove it! I think a Montgomery Burns sold it to him.

    I wonder how much Ron Paul has spent keeping that beast running especially when the gas in the tank is worth more than the car. I don’t think he can preach clean air rules while driving a 30 year old car.

    (and thanks to some pain meds, I’m sure this posting rambled on long enough…)

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    But why did Obama had to sell his 300? What’s wrong with that?

    Apparently he was berating Detroit for not building fuel efficient cars demanded by a ‘carbon conscious’ world. Ford kindly pointed out that they made the most fuel efficient large sedan (Five Hundred/Taurus) and even manufactured it in his home state, and it would be nice if the Senator from Illinois supported local industry. He gave up his Hemi to appease the hippies and FoMoCo.

    That said, I do like the idea that a president’s first choice of car is a 300C or Mustang GT.

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    I’m trying to dig up a list like that for German politicians.

    I read in an interview that Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Golf.

    Schröder had a Touran

    Stoiber has a 3-series

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    Damn, I knew he had my vote for a reason, at first I thought it was because of his stance on environmental policies but after this I knew we share a common love for the environment but then drive 15mpg Grand Cherokees. Good choice on whips Barack.

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee = “sprung from the depths of hell”. Indeed.

    See: “Chrysler Suicide Watch” series of posts, this site.

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