By on August 20, 2008
Autoblog Netherlands likes to keep things clean and tidy.  
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19 Comments on “Autoblog Netherlands is a bit less uptight than their American counterpart...”

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    Who is this pet?
    She is wet.

    You never yet
    met a pet,
    I bet,
    as wet as they let
    this wet pet get.

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    Nice to see women using their emanicipation for bettering society(!)

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    Gotta hand it to the Netherlands. At my local car wash all the workers are Mexican illegal aliens.

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    From the Urban Dictionary:

    A certain people and outlook, those who are products of a sneering, overly-socialized culture who take perverse pride in their stylized, postmodern, lazy lifestyles, and those who would choose to emulate this.

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    I’ve been to the topless car wash down here (while it lasted)…they didn’t look that good…

    And they did a crappy job. So I’ll go to the good car wash, and hope for pictures like this one…

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    Could it be that the lack of theologically repressed sexuality is why the Netherlands has a teenage pregnancy rate a tenth of the US?

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    No, it’s the birth control given out at age 12 to every girl in school. Kind of hard to get knocked up when you are on the pill.

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    In that case it will never work in the US. If you talk about sex, people will – y’know – do it. Better to ignore it.

    Sort of like…if you don’t have a will prepared, you won’t die.

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    Apparently “fapfap” means the same thing in Dutch as it does here in the States. Who knew?

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    I have a hard time finding out the cars in that blog…
    But let’s hand it to the Dutch: those guys are liberated. Americans really should loosen up, instead of being busy airbrushing nipples out, Stalin May Parade-style.

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    Thanks, Jehovah. You don’t know the half of it… :-)

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    Sweet, I like coming to TTAC for all the updates on what Autoblog’s various sites are doing. :-)

    So, where’s the hot chick calendar from TTAC? You can start by covering up that hideous Pininfarina/Roll Royce thing that looks like a Z3 entering the event horizon…

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    I do not like green eggs and ham.

    Try it, try it, then you’ll see

    I do not like green eggs and ham
    but I’d like to try that pet, by damn.

    apologies to Dr Seuss and RF

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    As the parent of a 3 year old, the first comment had me cracking up. I’m lucky I wasn’t drinking at the time or my computer would be almost as wet as those… pets. :)

    I may have to visit the site again when I’m not at work…

    Oh, and I’ll second the request for a TTAC calendar…

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    They apparently REALLY believe in clean cars in the Netherlands, since Christ sells car cleaning products there, as indicated in the bottom R corner of the pics. Not only that, He also thinks that TTAC’s Ten Best list should have ranked the 3-series first, or at least that’s what November’s pic seems to suggest.

    And RF, I’d show up at your book signing if you wrote a “children’s” book…

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    I liked the picture for July (Juli); a good use for a true luxobarge Continental.

    nudave, I don’t know about the Netherlands’ teenage pregnancy rate, or why you thought that relevant here. But the Dutch better do something about their birth rate or they’ll join the Dodo Bird in the Hall of Extinct Vertebrates.

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    I had no idea they had so much desert in the Nederlands.

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    Richard Chen

    I thought that wasn’t part of AOL, unlike (and its translated versions) and

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    This calendar may have been posted on but it’s German, not Dutch. The months are written in German, not Dutch, and Christ is also German, as is stated in the Dutch text on the blog. It’s been many years since I lived in the Netherlands but I do believe that society there is generally much more open than much of the repressed USA. I believe the Dutch, and most Europeans for that matter, are much less frightened of nudity, especially breasts and nipples, than many Americans seem to be. Perhaps it’s because there’s a much stronger separation of church and state. It will be interesting to see whether this changes as immigrants make up more of the population and most of them come from places where religion and government seem to be one and the same.

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