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No pictures of the \'09 yet...  but it\'s worth waiting for.We're talking about Subie-grokking enthusiasts. What brought this to mind: the automaker's announcement [reported by our slack-jawed pals at Autoblog] that the current WRX will become the Impreza GT. The new WRX will be a fanboy's wet dream. She'll be packing 265hp, an upgraded suspension and fancy-schmancy-trim,. And get this: no slushbox. Manual transmission only. Considering Subaru has been ditching stick shift trannies like bad dates, it's a win for pistonheads everywhere. The new Lancer Raillart had a hand in this. And even though Subies aren't the most fuel-efficient vehicles on planet Earth, they're still a hit with that part of the North American continent we call the snow belt. Not to mention various other inclement weather enclaves (so to speak). In a decidedly down U.S. new car market, Subie sales rose 5.3 percent in June, up 4.4 percent year-to-date. Impreza sales rose two percent in June, 12 percent year-to-date. So Subie can well afford to hone for hoons.  

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18 Comments on “New WRX Revealed, Revered...”

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    Maybe Mitsubishi will follow and ditch all the slush-o-sucko boxes for the Ralliart!

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    This is good news indeed! Especially for us owners of the last gen WRX who wished the new one had a bit more “WRXness” to it. I hope they will offer this in the hatchback.

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    It’s not a slushbox, technically. It’s the same SST twin-clutch unit that’s in the Evo. It should also have a conventional 5-speed when it launches.

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    For now, the Ralliart is only going to get the SST dual clutch box, right?

    I still prefer an MT in general but it could be worse I guess, for this type of car. If I’d buy a GTI for instance I would definitely be tempted by the DSG.

    It depends a lot on how the shifting action is delivered. If the flappy panel gearbox provides a racy feel and quick ‘driver-in-control’ shifts it’s ok for me, but if it’s like pulling/pushing some random switch upon witch all of the sudden the gears are changed no thanks (I’m thinking 911 KDG, with buttons ON the steering wheel instead of panels behind it).

    A good ‘F1’ gearbox + left foot breaking…sweet.

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    Seems like the wrx is getting closer & closer to the old STi. Soon my 05 STi will be slower than regular WRX’s if it isn’t already :(

    When I bought it, it was 2.5L, 300hp, later corrected to 293. Then the WRX went to 2.5L and then it went from 220’ish to 260’ish hp. My prediction is it will eclipse my STi in 5 years or less :(

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    Sorry, but the current Imprezas are ugly and no amount of trim will make them look any better. And any real Subaru enthusiast would know that the current 2.5 turbo is but a turboback exhaust and reflash away from lots more power. This is just a way for Subaru to ask for a lot more money while offering very little extra.

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    I was under the impression that the STi had (or at least it used to…) have an extra gear, different suspension parts, etc etc.

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    The Loverman must be yodeling with glee.

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    Just when Mitsubishi had an alleged trump card, Subie shoots a round across their bow. I couldn’t possibly see how the regular WRX was supposed to appeal to enthusiasts, soft suspension and all.

    Wonder what Mitsubishi will brew up to counter this latest Subie.

    …oh, and the Ralliart needs a manual tranny. It’s an enthusiast car for Pete’s sake.

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    beetlebug someone with a last gen WRX with a turbo-back exhaust and a reflash ecu I can tell you that massive horsepower does not cometh just from that. At most a little over 12hp for the exhaust is my reckoning (and I’m probably being generous since you loose some low-end ooomph as well). The reflash varies depending on how much you’ve traded driveability for power. I’m all for the a factory engineered more-go WRX. Oh, and I thought the old car was ugly but the new one is just a bit bland, so that’s an improvement.

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    I think the new one could get a lot of mileage out of someone offering a kit to replace the taillights and ridiculous chroming front and back. the overall hatchback shape kinda works for me, if only the details weren’t so five-years-ago-bling

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    though I think my favorite for looks is still the pre-02 2.5rs with squarish headlights, in black.

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    When are they going to pump the power up to impressive levels?

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    I will wait for the new toy coming with rwd. I was considering a lesser impreza as a second car in Denver, but back in Houston awd is really not something you need off track.

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    I haven’t wanted a WRX since they twiddled with the first generation in North America (when was that, 03-04?). That one was fun, since then they’ve gotten overpriced, ugly and fat. This midrange model will be no exception, when even the STI is a bloated and softened caricature of its former self.

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    how pissed are you if you bought a new WRX already?

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    Will it be getting a 6 speed manual?

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    Subie’s may be a hit in the snow belt, but we don’t see ANY of these ugly new Imprezas on the road up here in Rochester, NY.

    The consumer just ain’t buying them – they’re getting the Legacy/Outback instead.

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