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That\'s the way....  no, I can\'t say it again!I love bad puns. This morning, during a lull in the action while we waited for the footware to fall on Slick Rick's press conference, I asked our esteemed publisher "if GM started designing the second generation of their electric vapormobile, would it be considered re-Volt-ing?" Lacking my finely honed sense of humor, he merely responded "har, har." Then I reminded him that if someone wrecked their S-Class, all you could so is say "well, that's the way the Mercedes Benz." OK… I know they're bad.  And I know there have to be a lot more automotive puns out there. So c'mon… hit me with your best (or worst) shot. I'll be mighty be-Holden to you if you do.

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31 Comments on “Ask the Best and Brightest: Got Puns?...”

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    Carburetor? I just met her!

    Ford says their new trucks might have smaller engines. To them I would say, perhaps instead of building trucks with smaller engines, you should just be Focusin’ on small cars!

    I used to like Toyota’s sports cars, but they just haven’t been Supralative as of late!

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    OK, you asked for it.

    Many years ago, I needed a new (expensive) transmission bearing in my Swedish car.

    That was a real “SAAB” story.

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    Andy D

    fiscally challenged

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    “Can you Afford not to have ‘a-Ford’?”


    “I like Honda! Their cars just FIT into my lifestyle! And since they build their cars in the United Kingdom, well, that just struck ACCORD with me! Plus, if I buy one I’ll see it as my CIVIC duty for my country! And that’s JAZZ fine by me!”


    Mate 1: Do you like the Esclade?
    Mate 2: No, but I ‘Cadillac’ the new CTS!

    Thank you! I’ll be here all week!

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    This is not necessarily an automotive pun, but those of you from Michigan should appreciate this:

    “I’ve got contacts in Saline”

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    Chryslereberus is obviously in an economy which for them is a real CHALLENGER.

    So they are going to want to take a JOURNEY to the NEON lights in the big city and RAM their way through to the bankrupcty court. Of course, they’ll have to fire their COMMANDER in chief if they do that. He’ll be hussled out in a FURY, no doubt. Naturally enough, they may have to hire a woman C.E.O. and WRANGLER to take the job, and the UAW guys will want to AVENGER. Hopefully, she’ll have the CALIBER of a good executive.

    But of course the Bankruptcy judge is not OMNIscent, nor can he see beyond the HORIZON.

    Stockholders will simply have to be VALIANT and hope they can get more than 300 cents per thousand dollars.

    Like Chrysler, Ford doesn’t have much of a FUTURA. I suspect they’ll be ESCORTed to the bankruptcy court soon.

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    What is the difference between a nicely dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle? A tire.

    *motorized bikes with batteries r considered ‘auto’mobiles aint they?

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    VW polo, mint condition, cool and refreshing to drive.

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    GM’s Regal SAAB story sounds like the rise of the Phoenix, but the fact that nobody aspires to own a Ford will put them off Tempo for years.

    Marauder? I just met her!

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    Several years ago, our local Honda dealer advertised “Customer service is more than our CIVIC duty. It’s the PRELUDE to a lasting ACCORD.”
    Lots of other dealers have come and gone. That one is doing fine today.

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    Is a frequently wrecked and repaired full-size Honda
    …an Accordian?

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    I wonder… did the Plymouth Acclaim have higher insurance rates than the Dodge Spirit?

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    Q: Why did the Frenchman paint an “S” on his car?
    A: Because he wanted to see the S car go.

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    How many Fords would an Edsel sell if an Edsel could sell Fords?

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    Years ago Mercedes had an ad about a guy who lost control of his Mercedes on a curvy piece of road and ended up rolling down about 50 ft, landing at the shore, but surviving (Thanks to hint-hint).

    BMW responded by showing a BMW travelling the same road, smoothly going around the curves, while the voice-over enquired: “Doesn’t it make sense to get a car that beats the BENDS?”

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    Miata get a bigger car.

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    Not punny.

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    RF’s sense of humor is just as bad as Frank’s…

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    The Hyundai Genesis seems to have an invisible touch.

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    Some wag thought this pun could turn around sales during the 1958 recession, “You auto buy now.” (har, har.)

    Then during the 1981-82 recession, an old-timer wrote a letter to Automotive News suggesting the resurrection of this pun would cure the sales blues. How cavalier!

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    gonna have to dodge this one. Sheesh!

    There actually was an art exhibit called the Yugo Next exhibit. A NYC art teacher bought 40 Yugos for about what was originally the price of one, and had his students reinCARnate them (sorry!). Among the reincarnations: a Yugo phone, a Yugo piano, a toaster, an NYC subway car. You can see some of these on my website,, and click on “art cars.”

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    pontiac is in a tempest. thier sales are flatter than the bonneville salt flats

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    I’d discuss Mitsubishi’s sales freefall, but that wouldn’t be a Galant thing to do.

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    Hyundai’s doing well. They sell many vehicles from Tucson to Santa Fe, and their small cars really Accent their American market share. I bet there are Sonatas playing at their headquarters. They’ve really got a Genesis going now.

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    I could’a had a G8, but I luv not having a car payment right now. Any more details about my car would be an autobiography, so I’ll just spare you.

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    When the first Batman movie came out, my friend asked me if I like what they did to the Batmobile. I said of course, it has been totally revamped!!

    Audi sponsored a fireworks display one year at a colorado ski resort. After the grand finale, there was a huge explosion behind us. A new condo was being built and there was a tower crane on the site. Smoke and flames emanated from the top of the crane and the four interlocking rings of the Audi logo appeared in fireworks. Somebody in the audience exclaimed “wow they really outFOXed us!!”

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    A coworker of mine drove a GMC Sonoma pickup. When I first saw it, I thought well, at least he doesn’t have a car Sonoma….

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    i was considering buying a mercedes B and asked myself “to B or not to B?”

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    The NHTSA says its not so Smart to buy Mercedes Benzs to affirm your Class. Although its interesting to see the S-car-go.

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    A Cadillac funny if you step on it’s tail.

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    Geotpf Says:
    “A Cadillac funny if you step on it’s tail.”


    Q:”How do you top a tar?”
    A:”You tep on da bwake.”

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