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6kzgdaxh205teimy9ury48e4gmh6jot.jpegWith the rest of the automotive world downsizing vehicles in the name of high world oil prices, Volvo has decided that the path to salvation for the Swedish American brand is… building their biggest wagon yet. This plan may not actually be as insane as it sounds. Volvo is promising something more along the lines of a wagonish crossover vehicle of some sort (think mini-van/wagon blend) seating five or seven with a selection of five or six cylinder inline gas of diesel engines, a turbo inline six and the Yamaha V8 seeing duty under many Swedish hoods on this side of the pond. FWD will be standard with AWD on the options list. Expect size somewhere between a BMW 5 and 7-Series and expect the Mercedes R class to be the conceptual model for the V100's market. Priced no doubt between Chrysler's most expensive minivans and the overpriced minivan crossover from the Germans, there might be a future for those recovering from a full size SUV's fuel appetite.

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17 Comments on “Volvo V100: Wagons Ho!...”

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    But if it looks anything like the picture, I’ll have to puke every time I see one.

    It’d be a shame, considering that the new S80 is really nice, and the C30 is hooot.

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    John Horner

    Wow that looks horrible.

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    Any word on Ford Flex underpinnings?

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    I have a 07 XC70, a great car for family and a ton of room. Never understood the need for a Suburban size boat.
    Tested the C30, and it is a great ride! sticks to corners like rollerblades.

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    I thought the Mercedes R was selling poorly, no?

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    I thought the Mercedes R was selling poorly, no?


    Well, at least they cancelled the completely rediculous AMG version.

    Even if the Volvo will be somewhat cheaper than the R I doubt there will be a huge market for it all of a sudden…

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    I find it strangely reassuring that Volvo has gone back to building the ugliest cars on the road.

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    I thought the Mercedes R was selling poorly, no?

    The R got to be selling better than the Maybach, or qualify as also ran award though.

    Sometimes these planning were 3-4 yrs ago, so is hard to forsee the oil price. Except the Japs always have a contingency plan B, small cars, small cars.
    Is like an Oil tanker takes 7 miles to change its course. The big 3 had it too good last few yrs when the Big SUV, Pck up trucks were literally flying off the shelf.
    Sometimes it never win, by the time the small cars are ready the oil prce may drop again, we can never say never. hope the oel price ‘ll be lower in the next to come. 9 bucks a gallon can only see Mopeds and mountain bike with a little 25 cc engine. Please dont laugh they can go up hill pretty fast. Our appy motoring days could be numbered.

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    Gawd, when Volvo starts copying Dodge…

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    Could Volvo’s timing be any worse? Does anyone think that now is the time for “bigger is better”?

    Why do so many manufacturers feel that they need to compete in all segments? Here’s a tip Volvo: Subaru doesn’t have sedans or wagons larger than the Legacy/Outback, and in case you haven’t noticed, they’re eating your lunch.

    We’ve had our XC70 for two years now, and not once have I thought to myself “you know, I wish this wagon was bigger”. However, every time I fill up I do think “you know, I wish this wagon was a diesel”.

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    LALoser –
    Slight left turn with the topic but my family also has a previous generation XC70 and up to around 1,000 miles ago, it was a very trouble-free car that is built for the road trip. 27 hwy mpg and those front seats hid some quality sins until $4000+ in repairs on parts that should last over 100,000 miles has us worried.
    Two weekends ago, through Hertz, I got my hands onto a brand new 2009 XC70 – I was the second driver it had. I can say that given fuel prices, attitudes towards large vehicles, etc., that Volvo should shelf the V100. With the exception of a rear seat that could still use another inch or two of legroom, this new XC70 hits the sweet-spot of economy (25 mixed mileage over 1500 miles), cargo hold, and technology – safety and driving dynamics. The 6-speed automatic is one smooth transmission. The new interior is filled with better feeling plastics than the previous one. The stereo is easier to use and this rental had that stunning DynAudio 440W number that made anything coming from the iPod sound like a live show. Last but not least, they FINALLY added some steering feel and wheel return to center.
    I would miss the Volvo trademark turbo-5 sound and feel and the door speaker already had a rattle.
    I personally think they should just can the V100 idea and keep improving the XC70. I’ve seen more than a few on the streets here and given the slow sales of their sedans, they should focus their limited resources on what they have instead of firing new products on the market.

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    rjones said, “Here’s a tip Volvo: Subaru doesn’t have sedans or wagons larger than the Legacy/Outback, and in case you haven’t noticed, they’re eating your lunch.”

    I believe the proper term is now, “drinking your milkshake.” Subaru is drinking Volvo’s milkshake. They’re drinking it up!

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    I think it’s just rumors. IMHO.

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    Executed well, this could be good.

    But in recent years Volvo hasn’t quite been able to get the execution thing right.

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    Captain Neek

    What are they smoking in Goteborg? Gotta get me some of that Swedish crack…and a 2nd helping of Yamaha V8…bad craziness.

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    Martin Albright

    I hope that’s a photochop because that is just hideous. Looks like a Volvo sedan that got rear ended by a Dodge Caravan.

    OTOH call me crazy but I’ve always thought the XC-70 was a very sexy wagon.

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    I hope that’s a photochop


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