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gmctopkickc4500ch1.jpgI was wrong. In spite of indications to the contrary, the GMC salesman blogger defending your right to suck-up fuel and clog the roadways with oversized trucks didn't have a change of heart about hybrids. In his latest anonymous posting on the Commercial Auto Dealers web site, the same person who warned us about the dangers of hybrids (so quiet we'll all fall asleep behind the wheel) is "irked"  about environmentalists who "who think hybrids are God's gift to humankind" because of "Al Gore's half-truths and theories."  And he's specifically "annoyed" with those of you who've commented about his views on trucks vs. hybrids. Just to make sure you understand where he's coming from, he states "I'm sticking with my truck and I'm not going to feel guilty about it." Neither should anyone else "feel guilty about going to your local GMC truck dealer and getting the biggest, baddest truck you can find and driving it for no reason at all." Gas prices be damned. After all, "when [hybrid owners] need a tow, the guys with the big trucks are the ones they're going to call first."

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33 Comments on “Commercial Auto Dealers Annoyed at TTAC’s B&B...”

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    Do you think he gets paid per letter or misspelled word?

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    With the mispellings he’s only trying to relate to this base of readers. Prey on the uneducated.

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    Hey now, don’t be too hard on the guy’s writing. He did use “they’re” properly instead of using “their.”

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    I agree with him, buy what you want and don’t feel guilty about it. Just be aware of what you are getting yourself into before making the leap.

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    The good old “super size” mentality. Get the biggest truck you can get into, go down to the local fast food joint and super size it. And the US wonders why we’re all overweight and can’t afford fuel anymore.

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    why do you guys care so much about this? There are a million idiots blogging on the web. This person’s writing and opinions are not worthy of the attention of this site, IMHO.

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    It’s amazing how when anyone attacks Al Gore’s “half truths” and “theories”, it’s always someone with a vested interest in polluting more (i.e truck salespeople, CEO’s, Oil and Gas lobbyists, etc). I’ve yet to hear a committed environmentalist say something to the effect off “We believe in global warming, but Al Gore is WAAAAYYYY off the mark!”.

    “But those scientists are ridiculed, censored or ignored. And I noticed that anybody who speaks against hybrids is treated the same way.”

    This is because hybrids are the most viable powertrain to save fuel. Diesels have a distinct cost disadvantage and are less clean. Fuel cells are a few years off, before becoming commercially viable and E85 is more harmful to the environment, plus, drives food prices up & exacerbates world hunger.

    As for feeling guilty about driving trucks, no problems there. Drive your trucks as much as you like. This is the free world and people are allowed to do what they want.

    Just don’t start moaning when oil prices rise higher because supplies are running low……

    P.S. “Don’t let the people who think hybrids are God’s gift to humankind make you feel guilty about going to your local GMC truck dealer and getting the biggest, baddest truck you can find and driving it for no reason at all.”

    More specifically don’t feel guilty about coming to MY GMC dealership……!

    What a tosser!

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    Jordan Tenenbaum

    This guy reminds me of the kind of person who slaps those “Take my American flag off of your Import” (or some such variation of that) stickers on his truck.

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    Yep, go ahead and sign up for $200 per tank fill-ups, “gas prices be damned.” “Damned” or whatever, just bear in mind that one thing they’ll never be is “cheaper.” Especially if we keep on driving the least fuel-efficient vehicles on the planet, rushing toward peak-oil oblivion just as fast as we possibly can.

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    The flac is too evident, particularly from writers who are paid to spout this kind of crap. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers and advertisers pay for this kind of polluting of the internet.

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    Hehe, I wonder if he knows that the oil that went into making his dear gas comes from Venezuela…
    or Russia…
    or Saudi Arabia…
    or Iran…

    Reminds me when I was driving in South Jersey 2 years ago, a gas station has a banner proclaiming they sold “terrorist-free gas”, as if they could know where refined oil comes from. And there was a sign with a camel in a crossed circle, because everyone knows terrorists use camels!

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    We could get more from our own country…if our own government and the environmentalists would allow it.

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    By the way, it’s not just those evil “truck salespeople, CEO’s, Oil and Gas lobbyists, etc.” who have an economic interest in the Climate Change argument. Much of the scientific community that supports the man-made global warming theory (and Al Gore, himself) is economically vested in this argument, as well. Does this make them evil or their point of view wrong, too?

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    @jschaef481 : If the US produced more oil, OPEC would lower their production and prices would remain the same. Actually would be higher because the standards for drilling and what not are much higher here then in many other areas of the world.

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    @NN : It’s called FUD – Fear Uncertainty & Doubt and it’s a very powerful PR tool. It is employed on an industrial scale on the internet. And it works really good, basically if something is said enough people believe it to be true. Think about the “we only use 10% of our brains” how many times have you heard that? Not sure there is any science to back that one up, but people spout it out as truth. Anyway if enough bloggers bash Hybrids or Al Gore or Global Warming, all they need to do is create a little doubt and use fear to help propel it.

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    I agree. There is more money to be made in this country these days off of greenwashing than can be imagined. Carbon credits are a scam. Power companies show lots of pictures of wind generators, but not one of them can run a baseload or anything close to it on wind. Everyday on MSN, there are reviews on green products or a green lifestyle. The only thing green is the lining of some pockets, and there is unrivaled greed disguising itself as green.

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    Reminds me when I was driving in South Jersey 2 years ago, a gas station has a banner proclaiming they sold “terrorist-free gas”, as if they could know where refined oil comes from. And there was a sign with a camel in a crossed circle, because everyone knows terrorists use camels!

    If it wasn’t for the SUVs, pick-ups and small trucks sold to the Middle East, at a premium, GM would be toast years ago.

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    I dunno; Bin Laden didn’t get his money from exporting cashews, right?
    So, driving a fuel-efficient car is (in a sense) everyone’s “patriotic duty” (to put a spin on it)

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    I dunno; Bin Laden didn’t get his money from exporting cashews, right?
    So, driving a fuel-efficient car is (in a sense) everyone’s “patriotic duty” (to put a spin on it)

    I remember a bumper sticker 4 years ago at the back of a 1st gen Prius: “Draft SUV drivers first”.
    Pretty much as simplistic as the anti-camel league, but still a good laugh.

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    Remember the old maxim about horses asses outnumbering horses?

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    Steven Lang

    I guess I get ticked off on all three sides of the fence.

    First there are marones like the one described by FW. Impulsive idiots who guide their decisions by whatever surge of hormones coarse through their bodies at the moment. Strangely enough this type of car buyer is just as willing to accept stupid financing terms for their vehicle because it simply ‘feels’ right. Car dealers generally LOVE these types of customers.

    Then we have the far fewer that look at every purchasing decision as an opportunity for sanctimony and self-glorification. Some folks in auto remarketing call them, ‘Prius P*****s’, but I’ve seen the same exact attitude shine through with a number of popular performance and economical cars. Often times they know little to nothing about cars at all, but do know how to find the monthly auto rags which inform them what the right decisions actually are. These are the ones who give us nice little lectures about how wonderful and unique their vehicle is. The content of which is primarily based on the pablum they’re regurgitating from the mags.

    Then you have the ‘right’ people. Me for instance. I drive a classic W116 Mercedes that guzzles gas just as well as any plasticized Tonka toy and yet, I also have a Yamaha scooter that can be used to assuage my wasteful nature. Never mind that I’ve driven both vehicles fewer than 12 times this past year. I also have a late model Benz that makes me feel rich…. until I put gas in it. A couple of Escorts that remind me you can still justifiably hate cars, and about 15 or so other vehicles that I can justify if I could only remember what they are when I actually drive them.

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    There will always be people that, no matter what price gas is, the need to compensate for a small piece of anatomy will always be the driving force to drive a big truck.
    Our hearts should go out to him as his wallet gets small as well.

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    Let’s see… Yesterday United and today Continental grounded their gas-guzzlers in favor of more economical rides.

    It won’t be too long before the same happens with “”I’m sticking with my truck “crowd.

    When filling-up goes from “still can” to “now can’t” afford. Just look back to 1974.

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    “I’ve yet to hear a committed environmentalist say something to the effect off “We believe in global warming, but Al Gore is WAAAAYYYY off the mark!”.”

    I’ll do it: I’m an environmentalist of sorts, but I’ll be the first to tell you that Al Gore and the whole global warming scam is a bunch of baloney.

    A real problem is clean drinking water for the world’s people.

    global warming is merely a TAXABLE PANIC.

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    Personally I do think Al Gore’s arguments are full of half-truths…and I haven’t got a vested interest in that at all (apart from liking cars, but nothing in an economical sense other than everyone does).

    Especially considering how much (little) of CO2 emissions actually come from cars and the disproportionate attention (for taxing purposes) it gets, not to mention the question whether CO2 is that worrysome a compound in the first place, is really annoying to me.

    However at the same time…Since I’m European, I’ve always found it rediculous Americans ‘all’ bought such gas guzzling (ie American) cars, since even apart from environmental concerns it seems wasteful to me, especially if those cars don’t even perform well and frankly are all quite bad to drive. I don’t mind at all when people buy a Lamborghini and get 5mpg out of it, because it’s still well use of those hydrocarbonates, same goes for pickups used to tow stuff or offroaders used offroad, but those big sedans with 200 HP V8s and boatlike handling…that’s just a waste, and I’m glad even the mainstream is starting to realize that now.

    On a different note; OPEC is not artificially limiting supply at the moment, in fact they’re at a fairly high output, problem is the demand side of things, uncertainty and arguably, the oil refinement companies, like our own crown jewel of Dutch industries, Royal Dutch Shell :)

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    Well, even a blind squirrel comes across a nut now and again.

    “Al Gore’s half-truths and theories”

    Yep, they’re only theories, and not even very good ones, rapidly being supplanted by more realistic science which comes to the EXACT OPPOSITE conclusion, in that we may be in for some tough sledding for oh, about 80 years, because the sun is cooling down (it’s a natural cycle, related to the celestial mechanics of the solar system, with the giant planets pulling the invisible center of gravity outside the circumference of our sun). When this occurs, the solar flares reduce to near nothing and the usual 11 year cycle ceases for awhile. We’re over a year overdue for the start-up of the “next” uptick in solar flares (sun warming).

    Interestingly enough, there’s evidence that the mean (average to most people) global temperature for the entire 12 month period January 2007 to January 2008, was REDUCED by the same amount as the prior century’s increase. We lost in one year what increases took a century to add.

    The last four times this happened, there were four episodes bunched closely together from about 1350-1830 and it was called the little ice-age.

    In case anyone is curious, CO2 is NOT a very big percentage in terms of global warming, maybe 2%. The TRUTH is that our sun provides us with the warmth we need to exist, and it does go into natural cycles.

    REAL scientists are saying – wait about a year or so for a better definitive picture, and hope that the solar flares come back.

    Otherwise, we’re going to have a tough time feeding 6 billion people, never mind just driving SUVs and oversized trucks for fun.

    BTW as many of you know, I drive a Prius and I’m on Prius #2. Doesn’t mean I believe the hype about “global warming”. It does mean I take good stewardship of resources seriously.

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    Nice post.

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    Put me in the minority here, but I don’t think that anybody should feel guilty about the type of car they choose to drive. You may feel foolish down the road, but guilty, nope. I don’t see any moral right and wrong in a person’s decision to buy a car.

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    Amen, Lumbergh21. As much as it seems chic to demonize (and I mean REALLY demonize) anyone not buying the full climate change theory, or driving what some might categorize as an inefficient or inappropriate vehicle, we still get to make that choice lawfully – for now.

    I don’t understand why those who disagree with any given position must be vilified or have their motives questioned. Whatever happened to civil discourse and rational arguments? Feel free to pursuade me if you think I’m wrong. Don’t tell me I’m the devil in disguise.

    For the record, I sell commercial trucks, so my motives must be suspicious!

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    Buying a big truck/SUV right now is dumb for two related reasons:

    1. If gas keeps going up, you won’t be able to drive it.

    2. When gas gets high enough that you can’t drive it, it will not be worth anything except as an enormous paperweight.

    Think about all the American families paying $500 a month for a car they can’t drive because they can’t put gas in it, and they can’t sell because it isn’t worth anything since nobody else can afford to drive it either.

    Even “rich” people aren’t immune to it; witness the raft of celebrity mcmansion foreclosures in the news recently…

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    I am thankful to GM for paying guys like this. If he and his friends keep it up, I’ll be able to get a 4 year old Yukon Denali for $10K pretty soon.

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    He’s just doing it to sell cars to idiots.

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    For the first two comments – I didn’t notice a misspelled word in the post in question. Which words were misspelled?

    I did, however, notice that one of the people criticizing the spelling spelled the word “misspell” wrong.

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