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2010-nissan-silvia-200sx-1-big.jpgNews of Toyota and Subaru's joint $20k-$25k RWD coupe has Nissan scrambling to develop it own pocket rocket. reports that Nissan is testing a compact rear wheel-drive (RWD) coupe based on the new Z-car platform. The spiritual successor to Nissan's JDM Silvia is likely to be motivated by either the 2.0-liter NA engine, or a 1.6-liter or 1.8-liter turbo four (possibly equipped with Variable Compression Ration technology) making between 150 and 225 hp. The coupe should be about the same size as the last (S15) Silvia, offering the Z's wheelbase with shorter overhangs for "enjoyable handling." No word on whether the $23k-ish coupe will be offered stateside, but it will be available in Japan in the latter half of 2010. As far as we're concerned, the more light, zippy RWD coupes the better… no matter where they're sold.

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14 Comments on “Nissan To Take On Toyobaru Coupe...”

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    I’m glad to see more makes working with the RWD platform. It’s surprising that it’s being done with fuel economy the way it is, considering the extra weight.

    But hey, no complaints from me. Sporty 4-seater for sub $24,000 and 29 mpg and I might be sold.

    Still won’t be a Mustang though.

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    I say, It’s about time!

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    I think some of the HP wars will finally start to wane. This is a great concept, and I applaud them for trying to maintain a balance between performance and economy. Not every car has to have 300hp and get 20mpg. There are a lot of people who would be happy with a “light”, 200hp+, sporty 4-cyl. that gets 25mpg. I hope there are more to come. As for this Nissan, I’m ecstatic at the thought of it!

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    I loved my Miatas, but I would have been hard pressed not to ditch the drop top if they had done a Miata coupe.

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    If we can’t see this car stateside, then it’s meaningless.

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    Mitsubishi should just bring back some form of the 1990-99 Eclipse with improved weight distribution, improved build quality, and a quicker revving implementation of the 4G63.

    Problem solved!

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    johnny ro

    They should call it a Silvia. I want one, sight unseen (I am dangerous or maybe foolhardy).

    And I agree on Miata coupe, I wish my 99 Miata was a coupe instead of roadster. I liked my 91 Mr2 more.

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    Nah, I like my ’99 Miata BECAUSE it’s a convertible. For a coupe, my Probe GT(Mazda MX-6) does more than my ’86 RX-7 Coupe ever could.
    But it’s the Miata that has me grinning the whole way.

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    Not a big Nissan fan but this looks nice. Bring it!

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    God knows, Nissan needs SOMETHING desirable that’s smaller than the FM platform. The Versa looks like a gyoza, and is about as fun to drive, and the Sentra is really advancing the art of nothing.

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    Hear, Hear, rochskier

    I am still enjoying 1990 turbo “Mitsubishi Eclipse”-in the no boy racer add on trim Plymouth Laser Q-ship version – I bought new those many years ago. It easily tops 30 mpg, even when driven to enjoy the balance shafted 2 liters silky revs, turbo whoosh and still respectable thrust. It was a car ahead of its time.

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    As far as we’re concerned, the more light, zippy RWD coupes the better… no matter where they’re sold.

    While I understand TTAC readership maybe international, for myself and other affordable, lightweight, RWD enthusiasts in NA it is one more bit of disappointment.

    Maybe someday our Skyline will come in.

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    2010 – again!

    Why does it feel like that 2010 is the new 2000? I’m half expecting someone (like Tesla) to proclaim a flying (electric) car to be released that year.

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    2010 – again!

    Why does it feel like that 2010 is the new 2000? I’m half expecting someone (like Tesla) to proclaim a flying (electric) car to be released that year.

    Great point – I hadn’t added up all the promises for 2010 till you said that.

    Having digested that – here is an idea for Nissan:

    – drop the hatchback
    – make it a coupe (sedan and wagon to come later)
    – make it a 4 cyl
    – make it rwd
    – make it light-weight

    Call it the 510.

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