By on April 15, 2008

eye-keyhole.jpgIt's hard to keep track of what's going on between Tesla and Fisker. But if you've got the time… First, Tesla mouthpiece Daryl Siry trash talks Fisker's range-extended vehicle, the Karma. After Fisker unveils their EV prototype at the Detroit Auto Show, Siry wonders if his rival's got what it takes to make it so. Next, Tesla's hires Henrik Fisker to design Tesla's Whitestar sedan. And now CNet News reports that Tesla is taking Fisker to court for stealing trade secrets and copying design ideas. Tesla's suit alleges that Fisker accepted the design contract "to gain access to confidential design information and trade secrets, then announced a competing vehicle." Fisker's brief had no comment on the case, other than "the firm's policy [is] not to comment on litigation." Meanwhile, Tesla says they've scrapped Fisker's design for the Whitestar in a fit of pique favor of… something else. On the positive side, this intra-vaporware legal contretemps will provide Tesla for a convenient excuse when the Whitestar doesn't appear as promised. And for us, the case could expose the reality behind Tesla's endless hype. [Props to JT for the link]

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8 Comments on “Tesla Motors Sues Fisker for Stealing EV Secrets...”

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    Hey, when you can’t sell product to make money, sue! It’s the American way these days.

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    So, electric-car hype and vapor manufacturer Fisker stole trade secrets from electric-car hype and vapor manufacturer Tesla?

    What did they use, a dehumidifier?

    Thanks, folks, you’re a lovely audience, don’t forget to tip your servers….

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    I agree it is hype. After 100 years, EV’s challenges remain. Range limitations whether 100 or 300 miles, and more importantly re-charging. It takes 1-3 mins to refuel a petrol-based car. It takes hours to recharge a battery. That’s a long bathroom break.

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    Good work boys, just keep them looking away from the lack of production for enough time for my plane to cuba to be ready.

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    Which trade secret did they steal? How to fool investors? Or, how to make the auto media your lap dogs?

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    It’s kind of like watching yourimaginary friend fight the invisible man.

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    Asia is cranking out engineers while the US is cranking out lawyers. Guess which group creates new technology and new products?

    All we need now is a Zap Press Release putting themselves in the middle of the Tesla fiasco.

    Companies like Tesla give Silicon Valley a bad name.

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    “Damn you, Fisker! You stole our incredibly top secret superteleportation blueprints. We must have them back, the fate of the planet depends on them. Please?”

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