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fisker-karma_concept.jpgIf ever two automotive companies deserved each other, it's Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive. The former is the erstwhile maker of an electric roadster that's the dictionary definition of irony (the discrepancy between expectation and reality). The latter is a failed "coach-builder" (of hideously expensive re-sculpted SL and 6-Series) turned EV tree-hugger. And now, Autoblog breathlessly reveals that Henrik Fisker designed Tesla's imaginary WhiteStar sedan. Apparently, Tesla kept the design (for its next prospectus) and told Fisker to f-off on the production front. In case you thought this means anything, here's a bit from yesterday's press release from Fisker, which I couldn't quite blog because of a sudden attack of hype-related biliousness. "Fisker Automotive, Inc., a green American premium car company, today announced Fisker Italia as its first International importer. With plans to allocate more than 50 percent of its production to overseas sales, Fisker Automotive is poised to become a leading exporter of premium U.S. automobiles. Additionally, Fisker Automotive, maker of the first of its kind plug-in hybrid premium sports sedan, further announced it has received great interest from 44 North American markets in which it hopes to have retail representation." Get ready to vote for this one during next year's Bob Lutz award. 

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9 Comments on “Tesla and Fisker Sitting in a Tree...”

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    One really wants to believe that Tesla and Fisker are on to something good…then the cars get postponed…then the delayed car will get exported.

    If GM presumably killed the electric car, at least they had real cars on the street in the hands of customers, being driven by customers.

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    Speaking of Tesla, they’ve been in “production” for a month now, any customer deliveries? Are they hand forming every component on these cars?

    In any case, I commend Fisker on beating out GM and Tesla on taking credit for the first “plug-in hybrid premium sports sedan”.

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    I just can’t wait to see Fisker file for bankruptcy….

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    I just can’t wait to see Fisker file for bankruptcy….

    That’s not nice. TTAC and others depend on companies like this.

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    That’s not nice. TTAC and others depend on companies like this.

    There will always be such companies. Of that I am sure. We could always focus on Moller’s SkyScam SkyCar.

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    I’m afraid that both the Tesla and the Fisker EV will feel the financial crunch now. Investment capital is evaporating, and buyers are finding out they should focus on other priorities.

    The drop in the established luxury market is nothing compared to what these two experimental companies will experience.

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    Thanks, Robert, for properly defining irony. Somehow the word in popular parlance has become a synonym for coincidence.

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    I think irony got misappropriated around the same time as people started hearing “co-INKY-dink” and needed something, ANYTHING, to shut that up.

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    I can hardly wait for the Tesla-Fiskar-ZAP Merger of Equals announcement :). Perhaps Maximum Bob and Dr. Z can be brought in to run things.

    What could be better than herding all the crackpots into one pen?

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