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Jeremy Clarkson is wrong! Top Gear demonstrated the Toyota Hilux survives drowning, fire, a tree, a wrecking ball, and the destruction of a skyscraper. However, the one thing he didn't try was handing it over to the average American Airmen/Soldier. Just like the Nissan Urvan, the Hilux' manual transmission couldn't handle the abuse heaped on it by America's finest and ended up with stripped synchronizers and chipped gears. To rectify the situation, the USAF recently purchased a fleet of Chevrolet Silverado Z71 6.0-liter uber-trucks for several deployed locations, with automatic transmissions, and push-button four-wheel drive. I wonder how those would hold up to Jeremy Clarkson?

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9 Comments on “Toyota Hilux Meets Its Match...”

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    That was a great bit by Top Gear. They still have that truck in their studio.

    IMO, Clarkson would ensure the Silverado did not fair as well because he could not resist the contrast between the small, lovable Hilux, and the big, ugly, American truck.

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    Sammy Hagar

    Well, not to spoil the Lee Greenwood vibe, but “America’s Finest” used to have a hell of a time not burning out the glow plugs on HUMVEEs. Apparently waiting for the light to go out before starting impeded one’s ability to blow camels up w/Mark 19′s.

    Of course, that has nothing to do w/the Silverado’s reliability…which seems to be the current “warlord vehicle of choice” in Afghanistan. Maybe Chevy ought to run some Super Bowl ads w/an international flavor; say, ten armed guys standing in the bed of a Z71 as it drives past a poppy field…Bob Seger (in turban) driving of course.

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    “stripped synchronizers and chipped gears”

    Ummmm, Maybe far too many US soldiers today do NOT know how to drive a manual transmission equiped vehicle!

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    sure this has nothing to do with bailing out the big 2.8?

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    Ummmm, Maybe far too many US soldiers today do NOT know how to drive a manual transmission equiped vehicle!

    That is exactly the problem.

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    I agree with the others. Not to bag on our armed forces, but tranny problems like that are usually operator error.

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    Yep, they don’t know how to drive a standard. Not a surprise.

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    They’d better order the beefed up suspension to handle Clarkson’s fat, fish-n-chips eatin a$$.

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    Agreed. Comparing the reliability of an automatic to a manual is apples and oranges. The Hilux automatic (if such a thing exists), would stand up to USAF abuse just as well.

    Of course, an automatic would never survive the same things that Hilux did. Nor, sadly, would a modern Hilux. Crumple zones would pancake any modern truck.

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