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mythbusters.jpgTesla's Spitfire Spinmeister wants to set the record straight on all the "myths" surrounding the Tesla Roadster. To that end, Daryl Siry has started a "Mythbusters" section on the company's web site blogs (no word on what Discovery Channel thinks about this). The first myth exposed: the Roadster won't have airbags. The second myth: the Roadster is a converted Elise. Daryl points out that the Roadster shares about seven percent of its parts with the Elise, while Lamborghinis share up to 10 percent with Audi. [NB: Lambo and Audi are all part of the same company, while Lotus and Tesla are separate entities.] The third myth is… wait a minute… there is no third myth. So Siry would "love to hear your thoughts on other myths to address in future installments." How about it, folks? Since we know Daryl reads us, he'll see any Tesla myths you list here. Hell, he might even respond (in his own special way). And just to show how fair-minded we are, we won't mention the myth that TTAC would get a test drive (started by Siry on this very site, posted March 26, 2007 at 3:56 ) or The Mother of All Tesla myths: production will start in summer 2007.

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12 Comments on “Tesla Birth Watch 37: We Ain’t Afraid of No Myths...”

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    Treehugger has a twenty-five minute video of a blogger riding with Elon Musk in the only Tesla released so far.

    According to Musk, they’re switching to a single-speed transmission. Also, they claim over 200 mile range, they expect the batteries to last 100K with a decline in range at 70K.

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    How about the one about how they are starting funding for a second car because without such funding they will go bankrupt years before profitability on the Tesla?

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    Oh OK, how about this corollary myth:
    The Tesla’s passenger side airbag will splat your little kid or little old granny into a greasy pancake.

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    DeLorean’s ghost called. He wants his Lotus-platform posterboy status back.

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    And the Tesla will get better with future engineering revisions… Better batteries, motors and transmissions.

    This is the whole thing about electric cars. Get a basic car out there, let people buy them and the profit will fund improvements. If you aren’t convinced see cellphones, laptops, TVs, airplanes, all gadgets small and tiny, etc etc etc.

    Meanwhile we hear alot of FUD about how electric cars will NEVER work or how they are decades away.

    Wait – you mean to tell me that will all of the improvements in a 1000 consumer gadgets that run on batteries that things won’t get better quicker than decades? Maybe they need to hire DeWalt engineers…

    Let’s see – I’ll take an Opel Corsa 5 door with a 75 mile range, a-c, a manual transmission (I’ll need a 2 speed), and a full solar installation at my house which will feed power to the electric company during the day peak electricity and buy it back at night (off peak) to charge my car.

    Maybe if enough of my coworkers go this same route we could convince our employers to allow us to fund some carports over our parking spaces at work which contain solar panels to partially recharge our cars at work. Each month we can pay $25 into a fund (sort of like bonds) to build the infrastructure to shade our cars and charge them at the same time. Eventually it’ll be an employment perk.

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    Actually, I approve of his blog. Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention to the details, but I thought the Tesla would be “sans” airbags and I assumed it had more in common with the Elise.
    I’ll never buy a Tesla, but I hope it leads to an EV I can buy.
    I hope they can pull this thing off.
    But, TTAC is right, they really NEED to deliver some cars, SOON!!

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    According to today’s USA Today they are going into production in 2 weeks.

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    USA today? Now theres a reliable source. I guess production really will begin in 2 weeks.

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    And just to show how fair-minded we are, we won’t mention the myth that TTAC would get a test drive (started by Siry on this very site, posted March 26, 2007 at 3:56 ) or The Mother of All Tesla myths: production will start in summer 2007.
    RUTHLESS! But done with just enough humor that it goes down easy. Gotta love TTAC!

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    OK, I’ve watched the video. It’s a concept vehicle, and the car’s filled with a whole lot of “this will be replaced” items — but the mere notion that one can have a conversation at a normal voice level, with the top down, is very attractive. And can be had with other EVs, of course.

    Tesla have been wildly overoptimistic when it came to what was involved when putting such an EV on the road, and there are lots of issues that have not been resolved. The battery pack first beginning to drop in efficiency after 70K will be a surprise to other designers of battery packs – that really is new. :-)

    Still skeptical of the entire Tesla concept, as far as energy efficiency is involved, but what’s happening is that now everyone’s got an EV in the works, and that’s a good thing – as it means we’ll be seeing some real development take place.

    At the Geneva motor show this year will probably mark the end of the IC engine as we knew it, given the number of hybrids, EVs, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen vehicles and hamster powered cars on display.

    Elon Musk did a good job of keeping the story straight between what was possible and what was not going to happen, while driving. Bob Lutz should take lessons.

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    Busbodger: “Meanwhile we hear alot of FUD about how electric cars will NEVER work or how they are decades away.”

    I don’t think that is quite the point here. I don’t doubt electric cars will work – I have merely grown skeptical of Tesla’s ability to actually execute on their promises. I used to be a believer when I first heard about them; and I actually rode once in the Wrightspeed when Ian Wright was demo’ing it at an event.

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    Thinx is correct. The problem with Tesla is not the technology, it’s the lack of candor. That is what is being discussed here.

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