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v539728akivfffa.jpgFirst on the hit parade this morning was Acura's entry-level sedan. With sharp steering and a just-right size, it's what many of us used to really like about the Accord before it became a ginormous Buick. The TSX is unfortunately taking the same route. It loses the first generation's nicely-trimmed physique for Acura's new "pleasantly plump" design motif. In person, it's not as nice as the current TSX but a huge improvement over the Accord sedan. Best summed: inoffensive. The interior is bland and Accordian, and the back seat is tough for even a scrawny 5'7" guy (me) to get out of. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder carries over with approximately 200 horses and a tiny bit more torque than before. The notion of a V6 is still off the table (which is just fine) but I can't help but think the turbocharged four-banger out of the RDX crossover would have been a torque-steering hoot to drive. SH-AWD is also not coming to the TSX in this generation. That makes sense to keep the weight and cost lower, but it does limit how much power can go through those front wheels while maintaining the feedback that makes the TSX Acura's best driving car. Price should stay the same as the current car. While suffering from bloat, I still think this is the truest "Acura" that Acura makes.

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13 Comments on “Acura Reveals next TSX...”

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    Since this is still the loaded version of the European Honda Accord, you’ll be able to replace the hideous MDX grille with the Euro one. Which means Accord buyers don’t have to settle for an Avalon-sized car that’s been hit with the Bangle Uglystick.

    Diesel and maybe a small V6 are reportedly a year or two away. The car is hurting for torque and would probably benefit from either.

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    That grille is hideous, and the rest of the car looks very generic. Bleh.

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    I was seriously considering getting one of these, but after seeing the spy pix and Euro Accord pictures, I decided not to wait and got an IS 250 instead. For about the same money, I got six cylinders instead of four, and rear wheel drive instead of front wheel drive.

    I’m glad I decided not to wait – The new TSX does not have the old model’s athletic lines, and the grille looks like a Saturn.

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    Why are the pictures all dated Jan 1 2006?

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    The current TSX is one of the most well rounded cars out there. Plenty of room without being bloated, fuel efficient, plenty of juice(though short on low end torque), and loaded with standard features at a price well below the competition.

    The new TSX doesn’t seem to offer any improvement.
    Interior/controls look a little busy, heading into Infiniti territory there. I don’t like the sunken idrive style NAV screen. Grille is just awful.

    The competition just keeps getting better in this segment, and this is what Acura has to offer?

    Disclosure: I own a 2006 TSX and had high hopes for the new one.

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    Looks like it’s still too small and too weak. What’s wrong with an optional V-6? The turbo-4 is too thirsty. Not even worth the effort in the RDX.

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    Since the TSX is a Euro Accord, it benefits from well funded R&D unlike the TL which is a US only product. While it may not excite the drag racing crowd it is perfect for those who want a fun, luxurious, reliable and fuel afficient daily driver or for those who feel the US Accord has become too big (and the Civic has become too weird). If you want an AWD turbo ride get an Evo or WRX.

    Compared to an Audi A4 FWD I’d take the TSX any day.

    A diesel option would make it even better.

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    It is very Acura-ish. Which is to say, not so sexy. Too bad. The old one was good looking.

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    Wow. What a non-effort.

    The current TSX is fantastic. All they had to do was upgrade the engine a little, maybe even consider a AWD version as sort of an upmarket WRX that Civic Si owners could swoon over.

    Instead, we get the same basic package as the Civic Si sedan with a blandtastic exterior.

    No wonder Acura isn’t taken seriously. Honda refuses to let it shine.

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    Wow, Honda, er, Acura seem to be attending Toyota’s University of Blandness.

    What a pathetic effort.

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    This car is a pretty poor effort, especially considering Honda has the only hit with the TSX in the Acura line…

    Speaking of poor efforts, can we set up a TTAC fund to get Justin a camera made after 1995? The picture quality is terrible….

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    God the grill is hideous!

    I was really hoping for SOMETHING to change significantly…

    Maybe the diesel will be out before the TSX in the driveway needs to go back to Honda… but this isn’t really all that compelling.

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    This new car, having reviewed the home website (as well as the UK site), is a fun blend of all that is great about Acura. It will be smart (improved fuel economy – even better once the diesel hits the US market in 2009), fun to drive, slightly roomier (I was confused the the reviewer’s comments that he had a hard time in the back seat as that Acura have increased rear room in this model), increased torque (up by 15-18lbft), improved emissions, et cetera. With the right colour, this car looks a treat (even the current one can look off in the the wrong colour), maintains a very nice non-bloated status.

    Sure, it’s not a super race car, it’s a “right sized” (to borrow from the Saab slogan) vehicle that is fun, reliable (something missed in the comments), packed with a first rate assortment of technology, all in one convenient package.

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