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four_horsemen_apocalypse.jpgThe apocalypse is at hand, at least according to the World Socialist Web Site. Apparently, after the United Auto Workers (UAW) ratify their contract with Chrysler, Cerberus "will accelerate their plans to carve up the number three US automaker by shutting down or selling off dozens of factories." Fair enough (or not). The Socialists go on to prognosticate that the "Chrysler deal condemns the next generation of auto workers to near poverty" and "workers will face a campaign of harassment by management, which is eager to replace higher-paid veteran workers with low-paid new hires." And just when you think things couldn't get any worse, "with wages frozen and Cost-of-Living Adjustments diverted, workers will be ravaged by higher housing, food, fuel, education and health-care costs." Then they equate the "economic destitution" this will cause with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. They didn't predict human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together or mass hysteria, but Ford's contract is still under negotiation, so stay tuned.

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25 Comments on “UAW Deal To Cause End Of Civilization...”

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    Ryan Knuckles

    The End is Near.

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    Virtual Insanity

    Frank, thank you. I’ve been having a pretty crap morning, but the last few sentences of your summary just all but made me spit water over my key board.

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    Dogs & Cats living together I can deal with. Another year of the Sebring however…

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    What kind of crack are these people on?!

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    These times are not unlike the days when buggy whips were losing sales, women got the vote, and the government started taxing whiskey, ah times they are changing.

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    Didn’t Chrysler condemn the next generation of Buggy Whip workers to near poverty?

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    WSWS Motor Company would make them sound a bit less useless…Such ignorant brats – They make me want to stop dangling.

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    One thing the “socialists” got right is the UAW have agreed to two classes of autoworker at the big three, so much for union solidarity. Bye Bye UAW, hello competition.

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    Ryan Knuckles

    Orian: the regular kind..just a lot of it.

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    “human sacrifice! dogs and cats, living together! mass hysteria!” – good reference (unless I am just way off)

    so if a twinkie represents the normal amount of hype in a typical union press release, then the level we are seeing here would be a twinkie the size of…

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    I can’t add anything to further mock the “stupidists” of the world socialist website, can I?

    However, I did nearly spew lemonaide all over my flat screen when I read the last sentence and some of the other comments, from sheer hilarity!

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    WSWS is a bastion of objectivity.

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    Ralph SS

    Help me out….I’m having a little trouble here. First of all note that I am not affiliated with any union or political party. And I want to be brief here. But it bothers me that virtually every commenter here, as well as the author of this post, find this subject laughable and pour on ridicule. I’m sure we all know that there was a time when unions, and union-like activists helped change our countries work conditions for the better. And now the general concensus seems to be that unions have gone above and beyond and have outlived their usefulness. A fair enough observation for those of us from the outside. In their day they helped to stop abuse of power and wealth. But from what I have read, from a contract point of view, the workers (mostly future ones, granted) have taken a serious hit here, esp. with the Chrysler pact. And, as I have said before, the auto worker has been for a long time a bell weather of labor in general in our country.

    I realize that the auto unions, in our “free” market helped to price themselves out of it, the plumbing rule is still in full effect and this stuff will flow downhill. I wonder if we will all continue to laugh.


    The Party Pooper

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    Ryan Knuckles

    Ralph SS:
    The humor in all of this is “But from what I have read, from a contract point of view, the workers (mostly future ones, granted) have taken a serious hit here, esp. with the Chrysler pact.” does not equal “Then they equate the “economic destitution” this will cause with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.“.
    How would the union fair if the Big 3 go under? A recession in their wages and benefits for the time being is a much smarter move than helping the companies drown a little more. That being said, I think the VEBA is the all-time worst thing for the union, considering the level of corruption historically associated with union leadership. IMHO, if GM could pony up $30B for ye olde superfund, they could have afforded a more viable option. Right now, the union leadership is (again, IMHO) the union’s greatest threat.

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    I'm not ridiculing the union (although there's plenty of good material there, too). I'm ridiculing the hysterical hyperbole and generally melodramatic tone of this article.

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    Ryan Knuckles

    The way I read it, your article is based on the WSWS’s gibberish, not the UAW. As far as I know, they have no official affiliation, other than WSWS’s fearmongering. Am I wrong?

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    Ryan Knuckles,
    You are correct on both counts.

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    Why not ridicule the union? Aren’t they the ones who protected lazy, unproductive, overpaid workers from any competitiveness? How about the union worker? They have had years to take the high pay and benefits and retrain themselves to prepare for the events that are taking place. How many went to the local community college or university on off hours (don’t tell me it can’t be done, it certainly can). How many put enough dough away for the rainy day? How many have taken care of themselves physically?
    Ah those socialists, perhaps they have a place for the auto worker at $50.00 per hour in one of their offices. Better yet, let the socialists start their own car company, that’s right they did, the Yugo as I remember.
    Mr. Williams, you forgot locust invasion.

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    Ralph, the humor comes from two things. First, the World Socialists’ willful foolishness in insisting that auto companies should pursue altruism at the expense of economic viability. The Big 3 and UAW have lived in a fools’ paradise for decades because oligopolistic market power produced great profits. Now they’re the high cost producers that have lost pricing power, and the party’s over.

    The other humorous part is the Socialists’ inability to distinguish between very good, pretty good, not good enough and terrible. Paying, say, 20% of one’s health care expenses is not going to force auto workers to live in cardboard boxes. But in the Marxist world view, free enterprise condemns workers to a hellish existence. Socialists are always hoping to find scraps of evidence that might validate that perspective.

    No reasonable person enjoys seeing folks slipping back on the socioeconomic ladder. But sometimes that’s inevitable because a higher standard of living was made possible by unsustainable factors.

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    I’m just sorry that the uaw workers and even the pre union workers that faught so hard to get better working condition,wages,hours,etc. that with one vote our children will no longer have someone behind them to back them in critical situations. Maybe the uaw was holding back profitability for big busness but they were also protecting the middle class: soon there will be only poverty and affluent ,those that serve and those that get served.

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    Yes, there was a time when unions did good things. Strangely, those times are gone, but the unions are still here.

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    Any time any Union accepts two tier wages, well then there future is in doubt, also here in Canada the CAW’s recent Pack with Magna saying there will be No strike or withholding of Labour, another slippery slope, of course most Unions need members and Union dues to exist and to further there aims, political and otherwise, things are changing and to me I am shocked as I always held the CAW union in high regard, I have even attended there School at Port Elgin Ontario for my own Union, to me something is rotten in denmark or in North America.

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    Gentle Ted binding arbitrtion I believe is the trade off I believe for the CAW. Binding arbitration can work out very nicely if you have smart people in the union.

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    Virtual Insanity


    One can only hope that day comes sooner rather than later. Pesky middle class is always meddling in my business.

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    I can get along with the idea that the Unions deserve a piece of the profits and that they deserve to be taken care of. I mean why should only the top tier executives get that kind of treatment?

    The obvious problem is that the companies are having troubles and the unions and getting sand in the face while the executives continue to get highly rewarded. Obviously the current payscale is built around the idea of ease of replacing an employee’s expertise but I’m sure it is tough to live at the bottom and watch the guys at the top to make decisions that are not successfully lifting the company out of the ditch while getting BIG pay…

    Maybe this is the first chapter in some sort of social change in the America where the well paid working class disappears or where the working class DEMANDS (and gets) some sort of corporate equity where the top level management is an paid an amount more in step with the working class folks.

    Will we become like the 3rd world where there are wealthy and poor and fewer people in between, or will be become more equitable.

    I once ridiculed the Unions without a quick thought and after some consideration I – – – still ridicule the stereotypical fat lazy pigs the unions represent and I still resent the draconian labor laws the the unions have forced through our government in some states (see Unions Shops!) Get the ^&$%@ unions out of my paycheck and my life! America is supposed to be the land of the free – remember???

    Fortunately I am neither blue collar nor do I live in a union-favoring state…

    For the record I am not liberal but more libertarian…

    I think we need to ridicule both the CEOs and the Unions MORE…

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