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uaw-new.jpgIn a move somewhat akin to herding ADHD cats, the UAW is making a move to unionize bloggers. USA Today quotes Gerry Colby, president of the National Writers Union, a local of the United Auto Workers: "Bloggers are on our radar screen right now for approaching and recruiting into the union. We're trying to develop strategies to reach bloggers and encourage them to join." This might be a hard sell; most bloggers are independent, few are paid and even fewer make a living blogging. While some bloggers see union organization as a way to get health insurance discounts or conduct collective bargaining, others aren't that enthralled with the idea. Sounding almost like he's blogging for TTAC, Committee to Protect Bloggers' founder Curt Hopkins summed up many bloggers' feelings. "The reason I like blogging is that it's very anarchistic. I can do whatever I want whenever I want, and oh my God, you're not going to tell me what to do."

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14 Comments on “UAW Goes After Bloggers...”

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    I will not visit any blog written someone who joins a union or is affiliated with a union; especially the UAW.

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    Writers Union? The UAW has a writers union? You gotta be kidding.

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    Collective bargaining?! With whom? I’m not aware of anyone available to play the role of The Man for bloggers to bargain with.

    And after you’ve identified who The Man is, try filling in the blank: “That offer is an insult! Give us what we want or we’ll _____ and then you’ll be sorry.”

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    Very poorly thought out move on the UAW’s part

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    @Sherman Lin – Poorly thought out, indeed, yet highly amusing!

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    scraping the barrell, scraping the barrel. Maybe this is a sign that the UAW accepts its days are numbered and is desperately trying to find any muppet to join its cause.
    Didnt they try and recruite teachers and telesales before?

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    I wonder if, given a few decades, they’ll be able to negotiate the Internet into bankruptcy as well…

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    Wow the UAW reads the Washington Post!
    Option A

    So, what is the UAW to do? I do not mean to be flippant by suggesting that, perhaps, the UAW should exit the automobile industry altogether, change its name and try its hand at organizing various service and agricultural industries where many workers still are treated poorly and can use a helping hand from a good union. That would be Option A.

    I don’t think bloggers = migrant workers, but then I’m not union.

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    Altair what the wahington post author does not realize is that the UAW which belongs to the AFL CIO is prohibited from, I believe the term is “poaching” union members from a work area that is either represented by a union or is in an area that is clearly under another union’s normal area, such as mining, which is usually the UMW.

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    All I found for agricultural workers was the Farm Labor Organizing Committee.
    But I think the point of the WP article is that the UAW leadership needs to either do something about the transplants or find another cause to help.
    I would think that the ag workers could use the help much more than bloggers.
    Have you ever worked a field? Not an easy high-paying job.

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    Robert Schwartz

    If bloggers go on strike, national productivity will increase 20%.

    More seriously, is the UAW that delusional? They are in more trouble than I thought they were. I guess they figure they have no chance of organizing the import brands US operations.

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    Jordan Tenenbaum

    I think toasters are looking for someone to represent them.

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    TTAC needs some new editors. This article was obviously intended for April 1st.

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